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Established in November 2015, Perfect Motivations is designed to inspire you to live big. We are set on motivating you to discover your passion, create new ideas, implement them and achieve greater success in life. That’s why every week we cannot do without publishing series of creative articles about: Entrepreneurship, Technology, Leadership & Management, Health & Fitness, Business, Self Development, Productivity, amognst all.


Could it really be possible that everything you are doing to live the life you really wished you were living is a waste of time? Is your prospect sitting on the fence? Do you create goals and turn them into the ice yourself? The problem isn’t you or your ability, rather your mindset!

Listen; just one idea! One big idea!! One indeed big idea!!! And you have changed the world. That is why we are here♦

With every insightful articles we publish here on Perfect Motivations, we point at helping you earn a productive mindset and add a boost to your life, career and business.

Motivation is needed to achieve your goal, but well grinded and  constant motivation is required to maintain your achievements. You can trust that here.⇒

All you need do is don’t miss a single update here. You never can tell when that idea would Pop-Up.

Our Brilliant Minds♦   

♦ Moayanda – Founder & CEO.

Moayanda is the founder and CEO of, where he manages other team members to ensure continuous productivity. When he is not on the field doing farm activities, he is either busy plotting strategy, or working on PerfectMotivations or busy perfecting a client’s work.

Here’s Moayanda’ Bio:

Daniel Ayanda is a native of Isanlu-isin, Kwara state Nigeria. He is a young strategist, a motivational writer and public speaker. A passionate, earnest yet fun loving freelance Editor, Content Strategist, Manager, Creative Media Writer (all genres); since the past 5 years and a freelance writer. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

His voice has also being featured on top publications in the world like Huffington Post, Lifehacker, Effective Business Idea, just to mention but a few and he is an official contributor to popular blogs like Addicted 2 Success, Inspiration Feed, Tweak Your Biz, Dumb Little Man, Proud Stories, Let’s Reach Success among . Say Hi to him here.


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