"We Serve You The Perfect Motivation To Achieve Your Desired Success."

Established on the 2nd day of November 2015, Perfect Motivations, Inc., is dedicated to self improvement with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, self education.

Perfect Motivations is exactly what the name says it is: It is all about giving you the perfect motivation needed to earn that good life of yours. I mean the ideas, tweaks and inspiration that works online and offline.

With anything we publish on Perfect Motivations, we aim at making your journey to personal, spiritual and business growth easier and faster.

Besides, I like seeing other points of view and let people share their past experience and how they triumphed over  life’s and business hurdles – so, I accept guest posts. Read the guest post guidelines here.


Could it really be possible that everything you are doing to live the life you really wished you were living is a waste of time? Is your prospect sitting on the fence? Do you create goals and turn them into the ice yourself? The problem isn’t you or your ability, rather your mindset!

Listen; just one idea! One big idea!! One indeed big idea!!! And you have changed the world. That is why we are here♦

With every insightful articles we publish here on Perfect Motivations, we point at helping you earn a productive mindset and add a boost to your life, career and business.

Motivation is needed to achieve your goal, but well grinded and  constant motivation is required to maintain your achievements. You can trust that here.⇒

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Meet Our Brilliant Minds:

  • Daniel Moayanda – Founder & CEO

Daniel Moayanda is the founder and CEO of Perfectmotivations.com.

He is responsible for managerial decision making. As he manages other team members to ensure a seamless productivity of team and clients. Meanwhile, all contents pass through his dashboard for proper editing before going live on The Perfect Motivations Blog.

When he is not on the field doing farm activities or reading, he’s working on Perfect Motivations or busy perfecting a client’s work.

Beside Perfect Motivations, Inc., Moayanda is the Chief Marketing Strategist at Real SEO Growth, and the Editor-In-Chief of a vivacious media firm; that cuts activities Home and Abroad, Star Crew Journalists.

Here’s what you should know about “Mo”

Daniel Moayanda

Daniel Ayanda is a native of Isanlu-isin, Kwara state Nigeria.

A passionate, earnest yet fun loving Digital Explorer. A practicing psychologist, Content Strategist, Creative Media Writer (all genres), Internet marketer and SEO specialist.

He’s been writing for a living since 2014. He has been featured in HuffingtonPost, TheNextWeb, StartUpNation, LeraBlog, GoodMenProject, LifeHacker, Addicted2Succes, InspirationFeed, TweakYourBiz, DumbLittleMan and on several popular blogs online. He has also been interviewed on LinkedIn, Kinja, SuccessStories, just to mention only but a few.

“Mo” provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore.

Say Hi to him here.

  • Tobi Ogundele – Content Adviser

Tobi Ogundele

Tobi Ogundele is a tech enthusiast and a creative media manager.

He helps with researching and compiling resources at Perfect Motivations, Inc. Tobi is also the Head Of Production at Real SEO Growth and a Senior Associate at Star Crew Journalists.

  • Justus Ayanda – CRM Officer


Justus Ayanda is very skillful and committed. He is responsible for Client’s Relationship Management, CRM at Perfect Motivations, Inc. In short, Justus’s responsibility is to ensure our clients (home and abroad) are always smiling. He is also member of a vivacious media firm; that cuts activities Home and Abroad, Star Crew Journalists.

Apart from creative writing which Justus is expert at, he’s into media and designing – So, he loves making things look really good!

Say Hi to Justus here:


Thanks for sparing time to read this to the end. If you have any question or observation or you just wish to say Hi, feel free to use the contact form below:

Best Regards,

Perfect Motivations Team♣

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