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Let Me Help You With Content That Would Wow Your Customers And Double Your Sales!

If you are looking for a prolific writer to provide you with unique content/articles that can help you boost sales and secure customers to your side as well as bring in new customers, then you aren’t lost!


I will help you write unique content that will declare your brand wanted all over, boost your sales, and increase your google ranking. You may be an individual, a group of entrepreneur, a start up or a vast industry, I have decided to offer my skills and experience to help you double your revenue and achieve your long desired success!

Services I offer

I offer the following services:

  • Blogging Services

Your company’s blog is the strong base of your company, if your company doesn’t have a blog or your company’s blog has being abandoned, you are sending your clients away.

It’s not just enough to have a company blog, your blog has to be loaded with professional articles which will help enhance your blog and grow your business. So if you are willing to commit a long term blogging scheme and you want to promote your blog by loading it regularly with quality content then you can count on my blogging services.

  • Guest Blogging Services

Apart from your company blog, guest blogging is a very important tool to get noticed. It’s also a very effective marketing strategy. Through my guest blogging services, you tend to get strong backlinks to increase your ranking, you create awareness in your niche, you get people talking about your brand, and you build authority for yourself.

I’ve done quite a number of guest posts on some of the leading blogs in the world which brought great yield.

Your aim might be to sell a product, to increase traffic to your site, to dominate top blogs in your niche and so on. My guest blogging service is designed to help you achieve just that.

  • Ghostwriting Services

Building an online reputation is a great deed which derives good works one of which is by getting quality content published in your name. I will help you write professional reports and research articles about your brand and whatever which you’ll love to put your name up there even before completion. Through my ghostwriting services, you can be assured of holding a unique online and offline reputation.

  • Email/Newsletter Writing Services

Getting more customers isn’t just about writing best content, it’s about writing the best content and connecting with your readers to find them.

With my email/newsletter services I would create an email platform that will help you gather extensive email lists and set up a connection between you and every email subscriber.

Get in touch with me and see how this would work out!

Why You Should Hire ME

I’m a versatile freelancer mostly covering the motivation and entrepreneurial niche. But I can work in any niche. I provide clear, genuine and unbeatable content to my clients.

By hiring me, I will:

  • Provide you with valuable content that will double your sales
  • Help you get research analysis about your competitors and the industry
  • Help you motivate your team members and employees to double productivity

And finally……

  • I will give you direct access to my hotline where you can connect me 24/7 and ask questions about my services.

But I can’t just help you if you don’t let me do. I’m pretty selective about people I work with. So be sure of what you want before getting in touch.

Enough said. Do I still look like the best fit for you? If yes then get to me through my email: Moayanda {at} perfectmotivations {dot} com. Or by filling the contact form below: