How To Switch To Humane Pest Control Alternatives

How To Switch To Humane Pest Control Alternatives

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Do you love animated movies? Did you watch Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in your telly when you were a kid and dream of meeting them at Disneyland someday?

If you did, you must have also lost your childhood the day a mouse ate up all your food, and you set up a snap trap for it in the kitchen. It must have been brushed off as a part of growing up and being realistic. Still, there’s no denying that Mickey and Minnie prick your conscience each time you come home with a bunch of mouse traps and rat poison.

No one is to be blamed in the situation, though. Rats need to scuttle around, causing havoc, and you need to save yourself from dying a premature death due to Rat-bite fever. If you are still struggling with the emotional dilemma between wanting no intruder rats in your attic and the guilt of leaving baby rats parentless, then this is for you.

  • The rat trap dilemma is spreading like wildfire

When it comes to rats, the popular pest control methods used are snap traps, maze-type traps, glue boards, and chemical rat poison. Most of the users buy these products, not because of any sadistic desires but to keep their homes disease-free. None of the products are particularly pleasant to look at, especially after they have done the job.

In the past few years, there has been a backlash against the cruelty shown to rats and mice. People feel strongly about this issue even though rats cause diseases that can send an adult human being to an early grave. Consequently, there has also been a rising demand for humane alternatives to the existing rat and mouse control techniques.

  • Times are changing, and so are pest control trends

There is a famous saying that you have to be the change we wish to see in the world. The ones who were moved by the injustice of rat traps have been working tirelessly to find a solution for the seemingly unsolvable issue of pest rats. The idea is not to kill rats, but to keep them as far away from people’s homes as possible.

  • Going back to nature seems like a good idea when it comes to handling rats

There needs to be a balance in all our lives, including rats. When it comes to perfect balance, Mother Nature surely wins hands down. Mother Nature also seems to have the best solution for everything, and this is the belief that is taking the alternate pest control movement forward.

  • Repel but not kill is the new motto of humane pest control

As long as no rats are scurrying around your home and stealing all your food, does it really matter if they are not dead? Going down the road of nature, the finding that was picked up on the way is that there are some things that rats don’t actually like to eat. To be more specific, the smell of such things in a concentrated manner can turn them off like a baby eating broccoli for the first time. One such thing is peppermint, which is now being used as the main ingredient in rat repellent products such as Mica Rodent Spray and Pesto Rat Repellent Granules by MDX Concepts.

 Peppermint smells pleasant and homely to most human beings, but for rats, it is stinky and irritating. Sending rats running out of your house in disgust certainly can’t make you feel like a lousy human being. When it comes to matters of conscience, a repulsed rat is always better than a dead one.

  • It is not just about a rat’s life, but yours too

It is undoubtedly distasteful to have toxic chemicals and rat poison in your beautifully designed home. Still, the logic was always that it is better than having rats running around the living room. However, a guilty conscience and bad mojo aside, rat poison can also be incredibly harmful to human beings.

While killing a mouse, rat poison can also slowly kill you and your family. The humane rat control alternatives available in the current market take care of such issues too. By switching to naturally derived pest repellents like the ones that MDX Concepts sell, you can stop holding your breath during your regular pest control sessions.

The general idea of such products is that rats aren’t the only ones who deserve to live with the help of nature, but you deserve a better life too. It is a high time people got rid of toxic chemicals from their homes anyway, and what better way to do that than to throw out scary chemical pesticides?

  • The internet world is your oyster

The Internet has definitely made the world smaller; there is next to nothing that a few clicks can’t get you. If you are indeed looking to ditch the guilt and test out a few humane pest control alternatives, then emerging eco-friendly brands like MDX Concepts can help to get you started. As the saying goes, in a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Author: Dianne Abonita

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