11 Effective Strategies To Rock The Globe As A Public Speaker

11 Effective Strategies To Rock The Globe As A Public Speaker

Are you a public speaker with low admiration? Do you get scared when being called upon to present a speech? What thoughts do you have about speaking that makes you nervous?

Public speaking has been tagged to be the most common fear among everyone in the world and that’s why startup/new public speakers are being beaten to a bind not knowing how to begin their career.

Your success in the world of public speaking depends on what you do to stay memorable to the target audience. A virtuoso public speaker should be able to understand communication system and listening process and use them to his advantage.

“The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.” ~ John F. Kennedy. 

Your purpose of being a speaker is to express your opinions, give information, educate the audience, share ideas and broaden viewpoints, motivate interest in snags, make the audience comfortable and lively with a little sense of humor and lots more.  And the only way you could be stirred to press on is when you realize that you are rocking the globe.

Every public speaker should be able to research a topic, organise ideas logically, focus, start strong and close strong, connect with the audience, Exhibit confidence and poise, and seek and utilize feedback. The goal of every speaker should be to inform, entertain, persuade and empower the thoughts of the audience.

Below are 11 effective tips to go global as a public speaker.

1. Maintain a Strong Focus On Necessary Things Only.

“Most of what we say and do is not essential. If you can eliminate it, you will have more time and more tranquility. Ask yourself is this necessary?” ~ Marcus Aurelius.

Keeping focused and curbing distractions can be a bit overwhelming for most speaker especially those who possess a very strong social background. When we are working we have hundreds of distractions coming our way; both internal and external.

Hold on to your focus even during discouraging moments, focus on making impact and not just money. Go ahead to speak and impact the lives of your audience; sure the money will come {big time} but don’t let it be your focus instead take it as a plus.

2. Dominate The Media.


Just like the political field, a public speaker needs to dominate the media to grow wide. Publish quality and informative contents on blogs, magazines, newspaper, booklets and lots more; “A worthy Speaker Is A Worthy Writer.”

The media happens to be the primary route around the globe. So dominating the media in your own way is a surefire route to cut accross the globe!

3. Realize Your Own Panache and Be Known For A Difference

“You might not be the best. But make sure you are different from the rest.”

One sure way to dominate the media is to be marked for a difference. Difference = Uniqueness

If you want to go global being a public speaker, you don’t need to mimic other speakers or copy their style. Instead realize your own style and be known for a difference. People recommend and as well gain trust in you when they realize you are just being simple; you are comfortable being yourself “as the kind of speaker you are.”

4. Always Have Something Extremely Tangible to Share with Others

public_speakingWhat keeps you on board as a speaker is the uniqueness of your speech. Consider what you have to say that will be of greater value to your audience. It’s not just enough to make the hall lively, “we” didn’t come all the way from “our” house to come and sit for hours listening to your humor; be sure to pass a real message across that while we are yet laughing the message is “sinking.”

5. Advertise.

We are in a world of constant technology and improvement and in the world today advertising is essential for success.

There are numerous personnel in the field of public speaking those you know and those you have never heard about, how then can you deal with this ferocious competition? It’s by effective advertisement.

You can begin the advertisement by a free platform;

  •        Word of mouth
  •        The internet {social media and the likes}.

6. Periodically Prepare Tracks And Give It Out To Those Who Value It.

record-tracksAt the primary stage of your public speaking career, you will have to sacrifice certain things. You might be required to prepare motivational/lifestyle tracks and give it out to those who value it and can add more value to it {by passing it over}. When doing this, hire a well skilled editor and videographer who would help you get the tracks professionalized.

The aim is to make impact {by giving out real materials for free} as well as to get known.

7. Get Involved And Make Impact In Your Vicinity.

Getting involved in your vicinity does not only help you to make tremendous impact in the lives of the poor, it also helps to improve your communication abilities which will boost your interactive skills with a large number of audience.

Also, endorsement begins at home so the more you make impact and get noticed in your vicinity the more rigid your “public speaking foundation”.

8. Join Public Speaker Association

associationJoining a union/association doesn’t only guarantee your strong backing, it gives you better connection to opportunities.

9. Change Your Orientation from “Money” To “Impact”

If you go into this industry with just the mindset of making money, I bet; you will wear out sooner than proposed. Instead, have the mindset to of making impact; touching lives and changing generations with your speech and if you make money in the process {which will certainly be} you will take it as a plus. And your reputation will definitely precede you around the globe.

10. Step Out.


                                                                                                                                     Image Credit: Linkedin.

If you are a public speaker and you’ve not yet being noticed out there, it could be because you have refused to step out; you’ve refused to move out of your comfort zone.

You need to look out and study what the world class public speakers have done and are still doing to make them recognized. Launch out into it and you will find out that the rest of it will be the best.

And Finally…………

11. Avoid Motivation Burn-out.

Public speakers face a real lot you know?! And that’s why we’ve got the tag “public”.

Be prepared to face it; whatever the challenges, stand firm and don’t quit.

Never allow yourself to be discouraged; not for a moment, keep the enthusiasm burning though at first it might look like you are being shallow but remember that -;

                    “If the ride isn’t rough, it can never be fun.”

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Best Regards

Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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  1. I love if when a post is well explained and interesting. This is one post no Public startup speaker must miss! Nice one Dan!

  2. Amazingly interesting post! Thanks Dan.

    Actually for beginners (new public speakers) like me the game doesn’t seem pleasant at all! Of-recent attended a public orientation where I was invited to render my first speech last week; that was where I learnt a big lesson. Managing the host is even more difficult that managing the audience. xD

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