4 Habits That Can Greatly Hinder Your Success

4 Habits That Can Greatly Hinder Your Success

How often have you been pursuing success? Do you seem to be making significant achievements, or do all your efforts seem to fall on rocky grounds?

It’s common to blame yourself nonstop for not achieving your goals or for drowning in failure.

We think becoming successful is all about the hard work. But most often, there are other attributes that determine whether or not we succeed in life. In a similar way, there are attributes that can make all your efforts totally fruitless.

Individuals often focus on success alone, things to do to achieve it, and how to go about it. They often neglect the thing to avoid. As this is the case, attributes that can hinder our success are not well-talked about.

Breaking that chain, below are 4 of such attributes that can greatly render all your efforts fruitless if you exhibit them. Taking note of these habits will enable you to take the best approaches that’ll propel you to greater success.


“I’ll never become rich because I suck at managing money.”

“I have a very low mental power because I can’t think under pressure.”

“I don’t have what it takes to be the best.”

These, and many more are examples of such limiting beliefs that can consciously and subconsciously wreck your life and career before you even know it.

It’s important to know your abilities and limits. However, judging yourself based on the current situation of things can eventually hinder you from discovering and unleashing your full potential in the long run.

As a matter of fact, such limiting beliefs above will lead to even greater limitations that’ll further jeopardize your career.

Limitations like:

“I have a very low mental power because I can’t think under pressure.”

Can further lead to;

“Well, since I have a very low mental power, I can’t pursue this career because a lot of critical thinking will be involved.”

This self-limitation can make you settle for less than you deserve because, with time, you’ll successfully program your mind to believe you don’t deserve anything better.

Discover your limitations. When you do, push hard and give it all takes to exceed it instead of using it as a control unit to navigate through your life.


It’s common to be at a certain point in your career where everything seems to be working just perfectly as you always wanted.

At such point, you’ll feel the urge to relent, relax and enjoy the success you achieved so far. This is quite alright, as relaxing will get physically and mentally prepared for the next steps forward.

However, you must never get too complacent at that junction. You must never let the desire to create, to invent, and to explore die off at the little taste of success.

Good is the enemy of best; Always struggle to get better. Seek perfect but never become a perfectionist.

An example of such case where the struggle to get better has ignited many successes is the case of Colorlib, which was founded in order to help the already existing brand, WordPress, get better and more user-friendly.

The ability to keep your creativity juice flowing does not only make the journey of life a fun adventure, it also facilitates great innovations that are beyond human imagination –Think 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, visual reality, or automation with AI intelligence.

Poor Mindset

The mind is a very powerful tool that consciously and subconsciously controls the things we do and how we do them.

Just as a house built on a poor foundation collapses after a very short while, chasing success with a mind filled with negativity, self-doubt and insecurities will never yield a positive result. And even if does, you can not withstand the hard times that’ll accompany the success.

Before going all in and putting in your best effort on your goals, it’s important you first develop a success-oriented mindset and a positive outlook, as this is the foundation that if properly built, will save your career in the long run; But will do the reverse, if built poorly.

Your mindset, alone, will not make your dreams come true. However, it’ll get you started and will play a large role in the dream-achieving process and it’ll help you to easily stand strong when the wind of career trials and difficulties come blowing in.

To develop a success-oriented mindset, you can do any of the following:

  • Read insightful books.
  • Maintain a clean and positive cycle.
  • Feed your mind the right information.
  • Think, talk, and act positively.
  • Listen to positive and inspiring messages alone.
  • Watch and learn from your old self.
  • Strive to become a better you.
  • Learn from successful legends who already walked the path.

Unidentified goals

The general goal is to be successful at what you do, to achieve your lifelong dreams and to be who you always wanted to be or to be where you always wanted to be.

However, it’s often never easy to achieve any of that. And even after achieving them, there are always going to be new goals to live by.

As dream-achievement is never just easy, it becomes even harder and seems somewhat impossible when the goals are not well planned out beforehand.

To make your dreams more realistic and less fictional, you have to map out a well-drawn guide that’ll assist you to easily navigate from one level of your career to another without losing focus.

Such guide will contain the goals to be achieved, how to achieve them, and the best time-range to achieve them.

Such guide will save you the stress of going through life like a victim, accepting whatever curve ball life throws at you. It’ll help you to live and work more intentionally. And this, alone, will make achieving your dreams a lot easier and your efforts much more productive.

In Conclusion

Achieving our set-goals in life is the height of fulfillment. To experience this fulfillment, however, you must be watchful of the things you are doing right, alongside the things you are doing wrong. Doing this will help you determine what approaches to exercise more and which to do away with.

Hence, study the above habits and take note of the ones you exhibit. After that, strive to do away with them to experience a positive boost in your life and career.

Author: Joseph Chukwube

Joseph Chukwube is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Blogger. He’s the CEO at Real SEO Growth, a content marketing and link building agency. He’s also the Founder of Dream Chase Achieve, a lifestyle and self-improvement blog.

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