5 Resourceful Tips To Catalyze The Growth Of Your Business (With Images)

5 Resourceful Tips To Catalyze The Growth Of Your Business (With Images)

Business growth

One of the major problem confronting companies nowadays is getting adequate and effective results for proper business growth. This contributes to the downfall of many companies with the combination of improper administration, allowing them not to last long before they pack in.

A Research conducted by US Bureau for labor statistics shows that 50 percent of all new business make it to their first fifth year, and one-third make it to their tenth year. Also, and added study from Harvard Business School stated that three out of every four venture-backed startups failed overall.

If you want your business to succeed for a long time, and not to stop at a point within few years, it is absolutely essential to “level it up” using the following five steps.

Follow this simple but effective steps to take your business to the next level.

  1. Create Online Awareness For Your Company:


Not having a website for your company is as good as saying your company doesn’t exist. The reason why you must create a website is to build online reference and provide vital information about your services.

Almost all your customers are using phones. They can easily check and scroll through to see what they want, and to know the latest update about your products. As a matter of fact, the study proves that Americans spend 162 minutes on their mobile devices every day.

As you know that the website is always open for everybody to check at their own convenient time. Yours is to provide a solid information about your products and see how your products will be known worldwide.

  1. Take Care Of  Your Employees:


What did you do to motivate your workers? Did your workers have the mindset to take your company to the next level, or they are working to collect their salary at the end of each month?

Did you think only you can drive your company to the next level? Very impossible.

You need your employees no matter what. Allan Hall, a contributor on Forbes, while discussing the reason behind 2 million Americans quitting their job every month, stated few keys points:

  • They don’t like their boss 31 percent
  • A lack of empowerment 31 percent
  • Internal politics 35 percent
  • Lack of recognition 43 percent

Without further ado, the best way to make use of your employees is to make them part of your business. Don’t be too harsh, but let them know your stand. Dialog with them about the problems the company is facing.

Give them space to say their opinion. I mean, hear their ideas and contributions-even if you will not later use it.

Richard Branson “the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers”

Doing all this is not a waste of time. If your workers are happy doing your work, it is the same attitude they will use to attend to your customers, which will increase the rate at which your business grow.

  1. Strategize On How To Make More Sales:

Business competition

One of the best ways to double your sales is to advertise your products on social media platforms, and on blogs or websites that have a huge audience. This will help to create more awareness for your products, and of your brand in general.   

More so, the price of your products will contribute to your sales. Is your price not too high? Just do some research on your competitors, and know their price range to see if your charging rate is not too high. For instance, some health companies now grant free check-ups to their long-term customers, also some vehicle transport services, now provide customers with cheap ways to ship their vehicles — thereby making life better for their customers and increasing the market value of the company.

However, many customers will prefer to buy at a lower rate, especially when they see that your product have the same quality as your competitors. “Create a little strategy, and make more sales.”

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  1. Make Your Customers Feel Valued:

There is one thing most Nigerian Banks never lack. At the end of every transaction you make, there will always be a “THANK YOU FOR BANKING WITH US” message. Even if their services are not good enough.

You should also adopt this habit of being grateful to your customers. Sometimes, by sending them “a thank you message,” (BULK SMS) they will know you value them.

You can also send messages via Email letters, and prepare a gift for well-patronized customers at the end of each year. Doing this will optimize the standard of your company and you’ll get more customers.

  1. Monitor Your Company’s Growth:

Measuring your company’s growth is one of the important ways to level up your business. Make sure you are keeping all records of your company’s sales to know if you are growing and making profit — create a financial statement for your company to know how far you’ve gone.

It is all about strategizing on how you can have a better business platform and level up your business, but the outcome of your business lies on how you handle it.

Thanks for reading.

Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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