5 Thoughtful Tips To Turn Depressing Moments Into A Success Story

5 Thoughtful Tips To Turn Depressing Moments Into A Success Story


Are you among the 93 percent of American adults who have quit the labor force due to uncertain future? Do you view your dreams as unrealistic? Are you fed up because you have tried several times and you have no result to show for it? Why are you giving up on your dreams?

Sometimes we feel we have tried all our best and since their is no positive result the next thought is to give up. I want you to know that nothing good in life comes like a chip-cok. You must belief in yourself and demand what you want for your life. Strive to get life’s goodies.

A snap study into  the stories of successful people brought an affirmation to the fact that “victory is the result of accumulated trials plus ups and downs.” ~ Dr. Joe.

Let me just remind you of a startling event all entrepreneurs must look into: When you were still a baby; crawling on the ground  trying to walk. You stood up several times yet you keep falling back to the ground. Why? Is it because you have no enough strength or probably your legs were incomplete then? But the interesting part is that even as a baby you were never tired of trying. Over and over again you kept on trying until the day you began use your two legs to walk: what an amazing event 🙂

For you to overcome this while you were still a kid, it means you’ve got what it takes to make your dreams come true. All you need to do is to try over and over again until you get what you want out of  life.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying  I will try again tomorrow” ~ Mary anne Radmacher .

However; I will be sharing with you 5 thoughtful tips to turn depressing moments into a success story.


1. Be “Goal Driven”

The process to greater reward is always discomfiting, but your goal should keep you going. The unpleasant situation you are into now is just a way of diverting your focus from your original plan.

Believe me, you have all it takes to make it happen; if only you can endure the present discomfort and focus on your goals.

“Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is secret of winning.”-Denis waitley

As a matter of fact, people are not interested in what you are going through. They only notice you when your success  make the  noise and your dream is fulfilled.


2. Know That Things Will Change For The Better

Uncertainty is set to condition the human thinking such that we assume there’s no way out of our present situation. Certain situations tend to overwhelm us that we forget that tomorrow can be a better day.

You must keep reminding yourself that things will change for the better. Let this voice be a continuous echo in your head , it will strengthen you when you are down in any situation.

“You can’t just wait until the last-minute before you start to think in a positive way in hope of helping yourself out of a negative situation. It would be like waiting until after you are severely dehydrated before you finally start to drink water.” ~ David A. Hunter


3. Know That There Are Even More “Working Blocks” Than You Are.

Many at times we tend to feel overworked, so the next thought is to step down or give up. Even with your situation there are some people who are still looking up to get to the level you are.

Move closer to  successful people and ask for their past stories, you will be surprised that your so-called work-out is mere compared to the hell they had passed through before making it in life.

“We are built to conquer environment, solve problems, achieve goals, and we find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to conquer and goals to achieve.” ~ Maxwell Maltz

Know one fact today, no matter how your present situation might be there is always a better tomorrow. So don’t allow  your present challenge to  determine your future destination. Work it out!!!


4. Get The Impossibility Mindset Outta Ya’

Our orientation speaks well of our destination. One of the most deadly things on human race is having the impossibility mindset. It robs you of creativity and sets you on the lane of downfall.

If you believe that something is possible; though it might be impeded, yet it’s still going to be possible.

“You can create any kind of life you want. The magic happens with an open mind, humble attitude and persistent effort. Trust yourself and you’ll be amazed at what IS possible.” –  Jackson Kiddard

Let your dream be so big that small-minded people will look at you and laugh. Belief in your dreams and work towards it. Obstacles are natural. So be sure to stand for it and don’t stop moving. Before you know it you are there.


5. Remember That You Have Some People To Prove Wrong

No matter how good or ambitious you may be in life, know that there are people waiting for your downfall.

Sometimes, when I embark on a certain project and I get stuck in between and thinking of how to quit, reflecting on the number of people who had said my project wouldn’t be a success, gears me up again. Then this saying rings bell right in my skull:

“Get Up Man, you gotta prove them wrong!”

The fact is there are some people you must prove wrong and let them know there’s no impossibility when there’s a mission. They may be your friends/folks, relatives, team members or anyone. Don’t do away with them. Instead use them to gear yourself up when it feels like you’re getting depressed.



It’s one thing to be successful and it’s another thing to have a good success story to tell. Pronounced successful men are the ones who’s got a good success story. And the story starts from “your falling and yet trying again.”

If success is your target then giving up is not an option. Ignore the pains and stand up to chase your dreams because you are responsible for what happens to your life.


                                                         “You either make it or you die trying.”


This is a Guest Post By Ogundele Tobi. An Entrepreneurial and lifestyle blogger.

Author: Tobi Ogundele

Ogundele Tobi is a young entrepreneur and a freelance writer. He writes about lifestyle, entrepreneurship and self improvement. He also writes content for clients in the technology niche.

Say Hi” to him via his email: tobbydanix@thewayforwardng.com

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