6 Simple Rules Successful People Use To Fuel Their Motivation

6 Simple Rules Successful People Use To Fuel Their Motivation


The most important question that is asked in today’s world is “How to be motivated?” So the thought  it gives rise to is that “Are people so unmotivated ?”

Motivation – “an induction people get to act or behave in a particular way.”

From morning to evening we see people around rushing and running, on some agenda, some target, some motive.

Meaning when we see people are onto something they’ve got a motivation somewhere!

So let’s start this article with the good news that we are motivated, we just need an extra dose, or a different feeler.

Is motivation nowadays a survival skill? It’s not only for the ones who are ambitious, but in this competitive world (At least that’s the way it is presented) Motivation becomes mandatory.

With timelines, targets, expectations at all levels and the markets getting more and more challenging motivation seems to be the catalyst that can take you where you really want to be.

Unfortunately, it cannot be purchased from a supermarket. It’s about being ‘Super’ from within !!!

It is always good to analyze that what kind of results will make us feel motivated and then work backwards. Another important thing is that we accept that this is an ongoing process. As said by Zig Ziglar, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.

So to put it in pointers -: Below are 6 Simple rules successful people use to fuel their motivation that you should use as well.

1. Acknowledge

In the bigger picture, what motivated us a year back, could give no motivation today. So motivation is a continuous process with daily development. Except for a few people who are driven by intense passion, motivation needs to be taken as a daily vitamin dose.

So what if I need it daily, it’s great that I identify it and am willing to trigger it daily! Do, realize the fact that you are motivated to a great extent and hence you are surviving, you are motivated to LIVE!!! With this base build higher!!!

2. Self-Analysis


If you want to be motivated to do certain things, there’s gotta be a serious self-brooding from within.

What are the results, emotions and feelings that make you feel motivated? What appearance triggers you the most?

We all’s got individual differences hence what triggers A; to get up and make the damn money, might look like shit to B.

To get this done, get a sheet of paper and keep it close-by for the whole day.

Now start by keeping track of your thoughts. Your thoughts form an integral part of you – Study your thoughts and understand it’s content.

Also monitor your day’s activity. Whenever you do a particular act, ask yourself “Do I feel stuck or powerful?” Write it all down. At the end of the day you would be able to successfully point-out your trigger with this journal.

3. Learn From Your Defeats

Life’s like a graph; it advances with its highs and lows. So when you hit low, be kind to yourself, nudge yourself back on the path you were on and take one small step forward. And interpret the event constructively.

Defeat is something that happens to all. Practically everyone! We just know how to handle it better that each other. So there’s a lesson to be pointed out of it. Just the way Thomas Edison got the lesson from his 10,000 defeats. Saying – “I have not failed. I have just learnt 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Learning from the ‘hits’ and ‘lows’ of your life does not only sets you free from the impact, it also puts you in a better position and fuels your motivation to the next level.

4. Check You Progress

Third, be aware of your changing needs. If you track your progress/ journey, you’ll be able to see it/ alter it, which will help you to realize when you need to strive harder. And the inducement swings in.

Also, another important aspect of tracking which you can kill you in minutes is the comparison aspect.

While you check your progress, you should by all means avoid comparing yourself to  your colleagues ar better folks. You’ve got different mandate to manifest; really different mandate.

“When you compare yourself to others, you end-up falling into their plan. And guess what their plan is for you? Absolutely nothing!”

Check on yourself, compare what your game looks like when you first set the goal and what it’s like presently. Checking your progress is a great way of sustaining your enthusiasm as it’s a realization brings more drive!

5. What’s Your Why ?

When we are clear WHY you want to do something the HOW automatically happens.

What exactly makes you excited about the challenge every morning? If you want to get motivated, you need to have strong reasons to reach a goal or destination. The Stronger the reasons, the higher the motivation, and the faster the results.

Write down what your drive is. Yours might be just to fulfil your punching desire,  your’s might be to change to story of your family. It might also be to stand out of the competition of any related. Just be sure to know your why and work in it’s pace.

6. Take Breaks

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Seriously you need breaks. Being motivated isn’t just about running and working-out. Sometimes it’s about doing the work in a smart way and taking a break to resuscitate.

When you take speculated breaks, it helps rejuvenate your mind and body and adds speed and value to the upcoming actions.

Now what do you do during your breaks?

Anything. Yes anything that’s not related to work. You can meditate, you can take a bicycle walk, see a short inspirational movie and lots more.

Slowing down is important in a speed based life to retrospect and rekindle your intuition so that the speed can get better. This avoids breakdowns and calls for long life. So, meditate, exercise, do yoga, swimming etc. This is not a choice but a necessity for living the dream of being motivated most of the time.

In Addition

Motivation is an inside out process. Now that we have mentioned the insides, let’s now take note of the outside –  Our Environment.

Our environment is determined by the people around, the closet people to you.

Spend more of the time with enthusiastic or motivated people and let their energy flow over to you. Seriously negative company is got nothing more to offer you than negativity! Spend less time with people who always look at the dark or the apathetic side of things.

Also it becomes vital to place motivational quotes and your reasons around your home and workspace, which will work as a serve-back gearing system.

Declare your goals. Being public about your goals will give you a sense of accountability, which would make you more inclined to get going. Goals which are not worth declaring are not worth achieving!

Remember, you aren’t settling for the less. You are not born just to live an average life. You are born to shake grounds and make an impact in life. And if you want to experience Life in its Highest Potential, it begins by striking these initiatives!!!


This is the Guest Post By Harrish Sairaman; A Prominent motivational speaker in India.

Author: Harrish Sairaman

Harrish Sairaman is a well-known top motivational speaker in India, helping many to achieve which once seemed unachievable like increase motivation, leadership, Corporate Performance, decrease stress etc. through Motivational Training Program, Leadership training programs, Corporate training programs, Entrepreneur Coaching and Individual Coaching to name a few. His ability to deliver life changing, scientifically sound, relevant and metaphysical messages in a powerful, humorous and insightful manner integrated with high energy has earned him a reputation of bringing about a difference with a difference!

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    The truth is we all cry for motivation; overlooking the basics and focusing on the taunt. Thanks for the reminder.

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