6 Tips to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer for Your Day

6 Tips to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer for Your Day

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Wedding day memories and scenes are too precocious to be missed. So you need to capture them and preserve them in order to reminisce about them for years to come. That’s why it’s important to have the right wedding photographer by your side to click some of the best photos of your wedding day.  

Most of the couples, however, make the mistake of choosing an amateur photographer and ruin the memories. Mind you, photography is an art and science merged together; it’s a way to tell your story to the world through pictures and emotions. This is why having an experienced professional to do the job makes sense.

Even if a seasoned photographer costs more you must have them to get the best of pictures clicked without any hiccup. With a pro, you may also get additional services that are otherwise not possible elsewhere.

Here are some of the tips to choose the right photographer for your wedding day –

1. Start your search as early as possible

Top photographers are always in big demand. Their services have many takers and you should not expect them to be available during the wedding season. After all, experts have their hands full year-round as far as assignments are concerned.  Some of them even get booked a year or so in advance and you need to understand that well.

To avoid missing out on a top photographer, it’s prudent to start your search as early as possible. If you have booked vendors for other services and arrangements, why would you delay hiring the person who will capture your memories on the big day?

2. Do a lot of research before finalizing one

When you do a lot of research into wedding photographers, you’re always likely to get good results. After all, there are different styles of wedding photography, different packages and costs to choose from. The more wedding photography website you visit, the better it will be for you in terms of finding the best man for the day.

While you’re on research, make sure you see the work and portfolio of the photographer to get a good idea about their expertise. You also need to check a lot of things, like style, background, lighting, flash, etc. to get clarity over the work expected from the man.   

3. Interview the photographer and check samples of the work 

You should never hesitate to conduct an interview with the wedding photographer to be sure about their experience, expertise, and knowledge of the craft. It’s also important to prepare a list of questions beforehand so that you discuss in details everything you want to know from the photographer.

In addition, ask the photographer to bring sample works along with them, preferably the wedding albums to get a look into their work. It would also be better if both – you and the photographer – are on the same page in terms of the styles, personality, work expected on the wedding day.

4. Ask about the equipment, style, cost, creativity, and art 

A good wedding photographer is one who is passionate about the job he/she does. They will have unique styles and tones to capture events and create visual differences. Some use only the latest camera and equipment and also have a back-up in case of malfunction.  

You can also ask about the cost and packages though the focus should be on the art and creativity side as they matter more than anything else. You may share inputs about the type of wedding album you want, facial expressions and all those hues and tones that add value to the pictures.

5. Compare different wedding photography packages

When you search the web, you will come across different wedding photography packages and costs to suit your budget. These packages will be in sync with the services you need, the albums you need, the number of fine prints you look for, etc. But yes, you can easily get an estimate of the price that a top wedding photographer charges for events.

More so, the cost of photography will vary depending on the hours of coverage needed. Plus, there will be an extra charge for travel over-time and for additional services if opted after signing of the contract.  Well, it will all come down to the desire to spend as quality never comes cheap!

6. Rely on recommendations/word of mouth   

Some of the best event management works and results are due to recommendations and word of mouth from friends, colleagues, peers, family, etc. You should never ignore the suggestions and advice of others particularly when they have hired some wedding photographers and found their work impressive. This way you will have surety of finding someone whose credentials are proven and who can deliver value in every situation. So, feel relaxed and hire the best man for the job and make your wedding memorable in true sense.

Author: Akshay Sharma

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  1. My best friend is getting married in about a month, and she asked me to help her find a photographer that can capture her night wedding under the stars in a magical way. It is very important for me to find a photographer that my best friend feels comfortable working with and is extremely talented, so this article was great to find! Thank you for sharing that I should ask friends and family for recommendations because I know that I can trust their reviews.

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