7 Effective Ways To Deal With Negative Thoughts

7 Effective Ways To Deal With Negative Thoughts

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To deal with negative thoughts we have to be mentally strong. Let’s accept the fact that we cannot avoid negative thoughts completely. Negative thoughts are the result of our insecurities in life. We cannot avoid them but we can learn to deal with them effectively.

The reason for negative thoughts varies from person to person. For some people it is because of their past failures, for some, it is because they have never tried it before, some cannot afford failures because they have responsibilities to meet. One thing is clear that negative thoughts born when we are under-confident in anything in life.

Negative thoughts harm your body like a disease. It can make you sick and depressed. But with continuous effort and will power you can fight with it and return to the happiness in your life.

Here is the list of such effective ways that can help you to deal with negative thoughts.

Identify the cause

To deal with any problem you must be aware of its cause first. The same thing applies here, to deal with negative thoughts try to identify the root cause of it.

Whenever fear of failure hit you, eliminate it immediately. Practice hard until the chances of your failure reduce to less than 50%. When you are confident enough, you can stop your mind from thinking negatively.

Sometimes we get negative thoughts because of our bad experiences in the past. Start fresh with every opportunity, don’t hold your past with you, live in the present, and focus on the future. You are not the same person from the past anymore, you have evolved with time, you are a far better person this time that will not repeat the same mistake again. Get rid of your past bad experiences and start fresh and new.

Stay away from negative people

Negative people are people that are able to find a problem for every solution. Stay away from these kinds of people, or at least avoid them as much as you can. These people can implant the seeds of negative thoughts in your brain without your knowledge.

These people will tell you that you can’t do anything because they can’t do it. They can shake your self-confidence and point out your insecurities. Avoid this mentality, every individual is different if someone failed at it does not mean you will fail too.

These are the people who never get success in their life and made sure that others won’t get too. Don’t listen to such type of negative people if they list out 5 reasons why you can’t do it, list out 10 reasons why you can do it. Always counter-attack this mentality and prevent your brain from negative thoughts.

Stop comparing yourself

We all compare ourselves with the people we think are better than us and get depressed about it. We feel like we are far behind and we can never reach the position where they are now.

We have to understand that we all have individual timelines. Some people get success early and die early while some got success later in life and live longer. Stop comparing yourself with other people.

When we look at other people’s success, our focus is only on success, not on their struggle. There is a lot of struggle behind a successful person. Maybe that person worked more than you and hence achieved success earlier.

Instead of getting jealous of your competition, learn from your competition. Indulge in a healthy competition that will help you to grow and become a better version of yourself.

Never afraid of trying

We all are afraid of trying because we have this fear of losing, Most of the people simply accept their fate that this goal is not for them, they can’t make it there. It is for people who are already there and we are nowhere in the race.

People fail to understand that people who are successful now are not there always. They haven’t started from there. They are people just like you just more ambitious than you. They never give up on their dreams and hence achieved success.

Negative thoughts come when you keep thinking about something but never take action about it because these negative thoughts never let you. Never afraid of trying because when you start something, you don’t have expectations to fulfill and you have nothing to lose. Trying should be the only option for you.

Think about things you are proud of

Whenever you start falling into the trap of negative thoughts, think about all the good times in your life. The time when you feel proud of yourself because it is really difficult to get depressed when you are admiring yourself.

Think about a time when you were really happy, what have you done at that time. You cannot be happy and depressed and at the same time. This activity will help you to divert your mind from negative thoughts and restore the confidence in you.

Call your friends 

When we are dealing with negative thoughts, the most common reaction is to isolate ourselves from the outer world. But, if you really want to deal with negative thoughts then do the opposite.

Call or if possible meet your best friends. Instead of talking about your situation ask them about theirs. Spent time with them and have fun. Visit your favorite hangout place together or watch a movie or just spent time with them.

This will make your mind fresh and your negative thoughts vanish away. Now start fresh and analyze all your problems from a different angle and find a solution for it this time.

Give yourself a break

Most of the time the origin of negative thoughts is overthinking about a scenario. Sometimes the situation is not that bad but we make it worse by overthinking it.

If you want to deal with negative thoughts give yourself a break from all of this. Go for a vacation or just stop thinking about that scenario for a day or two. Instead, focus on other things in life.

When you give yourself the time you realize that in actual the problem was not that big initially. It was you who made is big doing overthinking and developing negative thoughts in your mind.

When you fall for negative thoughts next time, understand that this is not going to help you in any way. It is much easier to find a solution from a calm mind.

Author: Chirag Garg

Hi I am Chirag Garg(Author). I am a software engineer by profession and blogger by passion. I am a newbie in this field and recently started my blogging journey with my website http://freebird.org.in.
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  1. Very well explained. Even I prefer to talk my best friend whenever I feel surrounded with negative thoughts. She always gives me good advice.
    Thanks to you too for the great advice.

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