7 Most Effective Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Before Going to Bed That You Should Do Too!

7 Most Effective Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Before Going to Bed That You Should Do Too!

What does your night routine look like? Watching television? Reading? Playing chess? Chatting? What exactly do you love doing before going to bed?

Everyone is obsessed with being creative and having a productive day, so we focus mainly on our morning routines forgetting that the morning is being defined by how and what you spend the previous night doing. Your night routine determines your mood before you sleep and the kind of mood you wake up with is the basis of the day!

If you want to become a truly successful entrepreneur, you should learn entrepreneur’s custom as well as their morning and evening ritual. The most interesting thing about these habits is that they are so simple that we get to overlook them says Entrepreneur Leo.

Below are a list of what successful entrepreneurs do at night before zooming off to bed.

1. They Examine and Describe Their Day

Did you complete your to-do? What was left untouched? What extra task did you achieve today? Late at night even after the day’s activities, successful people take their time to describe how their day went by asking themselves those questions.

The great innovator, Benjamin Franklin speaks about how examining and describing his day helps him to improve himself.

Describing your day reveals the truth about yourself, makes you know your weakness, makes you know where your strength lies and helps you build up the right sense for the next day’s activities.

2. They Recharge!

Review shows that most successful entrepreneurs take some time to get recharged before going to bed. President Barack Obama; the night guy, lays emphasis on that. Spending the whole day exploring and engaging in creative works means discharging yourself. Successful entrepreneurs segregate a time to recharge before going to bed. This time they read sensitive books, they check what’s going on around them and learn from what others are saying, the read motivational blogs, and listen to inspirational tracks.

Also during their recharging moment, successful people remember the hard time they faced when handling a particular task, or a situation which they feel they hadn’t taken the rightful action. Then they plan new and due strategies to solve this challenge and the next uprising.

3. They Write Their Gratitude List.

“Taking a few moments to think about what went right over the course of the day can put you in a positive grateful mood.” ~ Vanderkam.

Successful entrepreneurs always asks themselves one common question: “what pleasant thing have I done today?” They try to remember how they accomplished a great task today, they tag some people to this greatness and they record their gratitude list.

There is a real lot to be grateful for. Even if you didn’t handle a difficult task well, don’t fall into the con of negativity. Instead, be a good optimist and focus on the bright side you had in the day. As a matter of fact this could even work out your motivation to achieve that difficult task.

4. They Stay Offline.

Before going to bed, you need a time to forget about work, ties and everything and stay offline. We are in a world of constant communication and distractions where your phone can ring 10 times within 5 minutes, whereby tempting email notification can popup anytime and you’ll be force to reply to them.

Staying offline means total disconnection from work and anything related to work. You feel terrified when you get to bed and you discover that you can’t just sleep, maybe you find yourself thinking about the last proposal you read 5 minutes ago!

Give yourself an offline period of at least 30 minutes to balance up before going to bed, this way you’ll have emptied your mind and attained a state of peaceful rest.

5. They Meditate.

Successful entrepreneurs uses meditation to stay “blank” and allow their thoughts to flow naturally. When you meditate, you tend to shed away unhelpful thoughts that could affect your sleep. It also helps you to erase thoughts about your work day, and sets you under a natural condition.

6. They Design Tomorrow.

This is one of the most significant thing to do before going to bed. Successful people hate to wake up the next morning and begin to ask themselves “what should I do today?” so they plan tomorrow the night before the day.

Designing your tomorrow isn’t only based on writing your to-do list, you should also come up with effective plans on how to accomplish your set goals.

Designing how you want the next day to look like will motivate you to wake up early in the morning, organize yourself and resume work fast.

7. They Plan To Sleep Well.

This is the last thing you must do before going to bed. Successful entrepreneurs doesn’t only care about their work time, they also care about their health/mental balance and that’s why they always plan to sleep well.

The way you sleep have a major impact on your mood the next morning; when you sleep well, you’ll definitely wake up well; waking up well means being fit and charged for the new day’s activities.


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Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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  1. The nice thing about reflecting on the work that was done on any particular day is that it continues to reinforce one’s ability to notice improvements, and most importantly progress. It’s easy to “escape” the day and simply let it go, but checking back in with yourself is a wonderful exercise in cultivate self-awareness and confidence for future projects. Thank you for sharing your tips, Daniel.

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