7 Ways You Help Motivational Killers To Ruin Your Hope

7 Ways You Help Motivational Killers To Ruin Your Hope

The greatest route to failure is giving chances to the activities of motivational killers. You need to stop the activities of these killers from ruining your hope before it gets to a state where they “take charge”. Once there is a vision, both motivational killers and boosters are automatically clung to it. But the fact remains that; with the killers still active, the boosters rarely survive.

How possible is it to curb the activities of these killers without knowing how they came into place?  To be realistic, unless you know how they came into place, it is not possible.

Below are the ways and areas where you give chances and help motivational killers to ruin your hope.

1. When you hear and accept everything

Most people find everything pleasing to hear; the question is, is it all you hear that is the fact? When you accept everything that comes to your hearing, it would be very difficult for you to take real grounds, thereby allowing the things you hear to affect you. When you hear a word, it is important for you to pause and take a breath before succumbing, because when you take a breath it reliefs you of your emotions and helps you to think – is there any objective reason why I should accept this?

Personally, I take joy in discussions with people, especially people I feel can impact me. I filter out the words I hear; words to take in and the words boost my motivation, and I decline straightway the words that won’t be useful to me and never remember them.

Don’t get me wrong, listening to talks is good, but filtering the words to use as your motivational booster, is the great moral of listening.

2. Flashback and making reference to discouraging moments

Generally, most people fall into this category.

One, two, three or more moments of our life has being discouraging, but motivational killers (for example people who are comfortable about their present state) make reference to this moments and make you feel guilty about it. Then you start remembering:

  • How did it happen?
  • Why did it happen?
  • Oh, how frustrated I got when it happened?

At this state, the killers are already gaining wings and leave you for a while to keep on meditating; by the time they come back for you, they have successfully made you believe that you can’t achieve your goal.

At moments like this, the only two helpful thoughts these killers will keep away from you are

  • Why did I allow it to happen?
  • What should I have done to change the story?

3. Being Over careful

Motivational killers (For example: The Chase i.e. the goal you are after), keeps telling you “eh; you had better be careful before you lose what you are chasing after.” Being careful is good, but being over careful is the “Danger of the Chase”. At instances like this, you ignore relevant steps that are to be taken because of the fear of failure, forgetting that “all great upliftment comes from the step up from a fall”.

At this state the killers restrict you from some things, and you’ll justify your actions by believing that you’re being careful, giving the killers wings to take you to the next discouraging state.

4. Getting Complicated

Complication, as defined, is being in a complex state or thoughts. Being in complex thoughts is of great help to motivational killers. At this state, you give room to the killers to engage you in so many thoughts, thereby making you complex and being unable to think straight towards how a certain objective can be accomplished.

Always remember that whenever you get complicated, the feeling is; “Gosh, nothing is possible, and everything needs to be done. Why not stay outta then?”

5. Being in the Wrong Company of Friends

Jim Ron famously said, “You are the sum total of the five people you mostly associate yourself with.”

Different people with different Orientation. During a discussion with a friend he said;

Dan, once I can live, go out, come in, eat, drink and stay safe then I am satisfied. I smiled and didn’t stay long with him. You know why? My orientation is totally different from his; I believe in making impact and not just mere living!!!

Once you derive joy in the company of  totally different oriented people to your goals, then you begin to experience #4 above (you begin to get complicated by their talks), thereby giving help to these killers to sting into your hope.

6. When You Carelessly Neglect Negative Instance/Sights

To become Mr Right, you have to deal with both positive and negative instances.

You embrace the positive sights and learn from the negative to rebrand and become positive.

The mistake, most people who aspire to be better than now make is; they try as much as possible to avoid negative sights, unknown to them that by doing this you make the killers happy, thereby giving them wings for better actions. The killers know that when you try to look into some negative sights, you learn from it. So you help them by not looking into it.

Listen, looking into your negative sights/instances, could cause you big time distractions, but careful look into those negative sights, would give various lessons which would help you attain your dream height.

7. Self-Doubt

This is also a very vital way you give wings to motivational killers. When you doubt yourself saying: Can I do it? Or is it possible? This way motivational killers brings it to you that it’s not and can never be possible.

Henry Ford, the developer of Ford automobile once said, “Think you can or Think you can’t, either way you will be right and it will work for you.

Motivational killers grow the best of wings when you create doubt in yourself.

So now you see the ways you willingly and unwillingly give help to motivational killers to ruin that hope right? Remember these killers cannot carry out their activities if you don’t give them their expected help.


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Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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