“Courage is the ability to do something that frightens; the power to do something despite the fear.” ~ Oxford dictionaries.

When you lack courage, you stand to lose everything that matters.

It takes courage to do 99% (percent) of the things in life; it takes courage to change your state of mind, it takes courage to stand up to confront a bully, it takes courage to come into the industry of million competitors and stand out, it takes courage to set goals and achieve them. In short it takes courage to live. We all want to be courageous because we want to live.


I stand to say that you should only be reading this article if you want to live and live your desired lifestyle by developing strong courage to face difficulties.

Below are 8 little known facts that could affect your courage and what to do when you find out.

N.B – Don’t miss the last and most important tip to courage.

1. You Just Hate Being Scared.

Courage is said to be the ability to act despite the pressure or fears, yet you hate being scared. Some people run away from any frighten appearance not knowing that when you avoid your fears, you give power to them and make them stronger.


Come out, stand firm and expose yourself to the things that makes you scared. At first it might look like a bitter experience but gradually you tend to realize that the things that makes you frightened are gone and you begin to develop a strong courage.

2. You Don’t Have Passion for That Difficult Thing;

First of all you need to have passion for that task that seems difficult. Without passion the difficult remains difficult.

When you don’t have passion for a thing, you begin to harbor negative views about it which makes you frightened and kills your courage/ confidence to face it.


Being a courageous and successful person at work requires great drive, enthusiasm, with strong focus. When you have a strong passion and desire, your work; that difficult task that frightens you cease to feel like a hard task. It becomes “a happy do act” and you develop a strong courage to face it regularly.

3. You Over Care About The Result Even Before Taking A Step

This discourages people the most; you don’t want to be at the risk of anything at all.

You want immediate results, you don’t want something that will take any longer that is why you spend unlimited time caring about the step you have not even taken yet.

If truly you want to make progress in life, you need to gather courage and take “risk-filled” decisions because your unwillingness to take certain risks will keep you in a stagnant state


The best courage would not and would never come until you sign up for that task.

You will get to some stages in life where you have to take critical decisions and risk somethings. Face it without hesitation then you begin to get used to it.

Just like the ultimate risk fire fighters face when they about to launch into a burning building to save lives. You need to begin to careless about what people think or feel about you. As far as this is what you designed for yourself, launch into it and face it to fulfillment despite the risk involved.

4. You Don’t Want To Start From the Minimum/Less Uncomfortable

This is also very common among all. When people want to begin to face an issue with courage, they just jump start to the peak of the challenge; neglecting the beginning


You should slowly and increasingly explore yourself to things that frightens you.

The real courageous people didn’t just start out with the big deals you know, it begins with a gradual process.

If you are having problem with being courageous; you are scared of what might come out of it then start by facing the less uncomfortable things. Be sure to face it to victory then you can use your success as a motivation to face the bigger ones.

5. Your Self-Trust Still Wavers.

“Most of the time when I fail in an act or process, I discover it is because I doubt myself”

When you give way to doubt, you can never and will never take the right steps towards achieving success and your result will be defined by your fears.


“When you trust yourself you sow seeds of fears into the hearts of your enemies.”

~ Mehmet Murat.

You need to bring down the hills of doubt in yourself. Self-love and Self-trust are paramount and must be strongly built.

When you have strong confidence in your-self, you are edges above your fears, and you develop a strong and long-lasting courage to do things you have never done.

6. You Are Still In Your Comfort Zone

Doing the routine may help you curb anxiety but when you constantly do the routine you kill your courage/boldness to face external issues.

Most times we don’t want to do beyond the things we are used to because we don’t want to get worried about uncertainty; forgetting that we started even those things we call our normal routine by a gradual process.


When you do things you don’t like to do normally, you grow wings that sustains you when you get the unexpected. And when you aren’t scared of the unexpected things to happen then you become more courageous to face bigger challenges.

7. You Aren’t Optimistic

You can never achieve your goal in life if you aren’t optimistic.

Don’t get stuck in anxiety/ fear because you lack the strength to face to gig.


Try visualizing. For example if you lack courage on how to continue your abandoned project then try to visualize; think of the prestige/respect people will give to you when you successfully do it to completion (especially if it is a project that no one has ever done  before) and lots more.

8. You Don’t Want To Be Fake

This is the last and very important tip.

No one wants to be called “Fake”. But in this case you really need to be fake.

Even though you lack courage you pretend and trick yourself that you are courageous. Face the difficult challenge with a fake courage and you will be surprised how the “fake turns real”.

You are to do this most especially when you need courage to face an immediate situation or to conquer an instant challenge. Dr. Afolabi a well-known youth developer in Ogun state, south west Nigeria once spoke of His experience. He was at His construction site one afternoon when some fully armed thugs walked in wanting to stop the ongoing construction work and began to destroy things. All His workers dispatched and ran for their dear life leaving Him behind. He was now left at the bridge of either running for His dear life as well and let the thugs destroy more, or approach them. He then gathered a fake courage and moved closer to them to negotiate. He said at first they got angrier but later when they reached a reasonable agreement, some of the so called thugs became part of His work force to get the work completed faster.

If you have tried all tips and none of them seems to work for you instead of you to lose hope why not act fake and pretend to be courageous to face the big deal till it becomes real!!!

Best Regards


Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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