8 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Hire Interns

8 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Hire Interns


As a small business owner, you need the best talent to grow. You may not have the recruiting muscle to approach highly experienced people as they would ask for a higher remuneration that you may not be able to afford. However, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the second best as you can find some of the best talents in interns if you employ the right hiring process.

There are a number of tips for startups and one of the biggest tips include hiring interns. Let us look at 8 reasons why hiring interns is a good idea:

  • Helps you ‘Test Drive’ the Talent

As a small business, you cannot afford to hire a wrong person. However, with interns, you don’t have that risk. You can take advantage of the expiration date that internships come with. If you find an exceptional intern whose productivity is high and who could be a great fit for your company, you can extend a permanent job offer to them.

However, if they are slacking behind and your business can do without them, you can let them go once their internship ends with no obligation to hire them permanently. You can use applicant tracking system to track the progress of interns through their internship program.

  • They Bring “New” to the Table

The one negative of bringing in highly experienced people into the company is that they are pretty much set in their ways of how things should be done. They may show some resistance to trying out something new and straying away from the path of ‘how it is usually done’. Interns are bound by no such views.

They will bring in fresh and new ideas, values and perspectives to the table. Interns may suggest alternative approaches which could be better than the current techniques being applied. Their ideas may not change the course of your business but any new approach or idea helps in eliminating biases that build up over time.

New perspectives lead the way to improvements. Moreover, their inquisitive nature and eagerness to prove their mettle will work in your favor. You can use talent acquisition software to recognize talented interns from those who apply.

  • They Are Friends with Technology

Have you seen some of your employees scratching their heads at times when it comes to handling technology related things?

Chances are you won’t face the same issue with interns as they are mostly tech-savvy and are comfortable around technology – regardless of being present on social media and handling it or giving Powerpoint presentations.

  • You Can Afford It

Even if you pay the industry’s most competitive wages to your interns, it will be more affordable than hiring an experienced candidate.

Moreover, lower wages aren’t a deal breaker for most interns since they are mainly concerned about getting an opportunity to work on a quality project and getting some experience. Some interns are even willing to forego a stipend if they feel they can increase their skills, knowledge, and experience through a project.

However, do not hire interns if you think you can get away with not paying them. Give them a minimum stipend for working in your company. If you can’t afford a high wage, give them perks instead. Invite them to network events, walk them through goal-setting sessions, give them opportunities to work on interesting projects and learn newer skills.

  • Productivity increases

Interns can pick up the slack and execute tasks that your full-time staff need help with. Having another set of hands of an enthusiastic bunch will help in increasing productivity. Since learning is their main goal, interns would jump in to help out with any task.

  • Helps you Hone Your Mentorship Skills

If you are passionate about being a mentor and sharing your knowledge and skill sets with someone young, take interns under your wing. Students these days are not keen on working a typical 9-5 corporate job like their parents but are rather interested in experiencing the start-up life and help build a company from the ground up.

So, even they would appreciate having a mentor to guide them through this journey. There is nothing more satisfying than teaching them necessary job skills and watch them grow.

  • An answer to Your Talent Sourcing Troubles

Unlike bigger companies, small businesses don’t have a lot of resources to spend on the hiring process. However, you can offer intern-geared perks and attract talented interns. They will be highly motivated to be involved in their internship and add value to your talent pool. If you are having trouble sourcing talent, interns will solve your problem.

Have an internship program where interested students can apply. If you provide impactful work to the interns and give them an opportunity to perform, they will certainly shine. If you don’t know where to begin and how to find interns, start with the colleges and local schools.

Participate in college and education fairs, meet students and inform them about the internship programs and opportunities you can offer. Collect some resumes while you are there. You can be assured of finding some of the best talents in colleges and schools and hiring candidates will be become much easier.

  • They Can Advocate Your Business at College

Interns can act as brand ambassadors for your business. When they go back to their college after learning valuable knowledge, chances are they will talk about it with their college peers. They might even encourage one or few of their peers to intern at your company or recommend someone to you.

Even if they don’t recommend, it would be good for your business if someone is telling great stuff about it. Interns won’t just talk to their peers but they might mention it to their friends from other colleges as well about how and why your company is a great place to work in, thus building the reputation of your company through word of mouth.

Cloud-based recruitment software will help in making the job of recruiting interns much easier. Make the most of this symbiotic relationship where interns can learn from you and you can benefit from their talent.


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