8 Surefire Steps to Get a “Yes” In Your Next Interview.

8 Surefire Steps to Get a “Yes” In Your Next Interview.

Are you worried about your upcoming interview because of the high population of applicants? Do you think you’ve got more qualified competitors for the position? You aren’t doing the wrong thing! Yes; everyone gets nervous about an upcoming interview,  some just know how to treat theirs better than others. But the fact remains that how you treat it determines the result you’ll get from the interview.

Making preparations for an interview is always a challenging task to all but you should know that this  interview is the present chance you’ve got to determine whether you will begin to live the life you longed for or you will remain in the “search force” and continue the job hunt.

Though the qualifications required to get employed in different companies varies, but when you are about to attend an interview in general, there are certain things you should take note of.

Below are 8 steps to get a yes in your next interview -:

1. Get to know the company’s all.

The very first thing you need to do before going for a company’s interview is to get to know the company’s all! How can you say you want to work with a company you don’t know much about?

Visit the company’s official website, get a copy of their recent news report, get informed about the company’s add, know about the services they offer and browse reports on their customer’s satisfaction. Also, get to know the company’s creed, and understand their management principles.

Having a wider knowledge about the company doesn’t only boost your confidence in in the interview, it gives you the immediate answer to a popular interview question -: “Why would you like to work with us?” And you appear to be a scholar!

2. Have a basic understanding about the role you are to fit in.

It’s not enough to read about the company, you need to identify the role you’ll fit in and how it would be of an advantage to the organisation. In most cases you would be asked to explain all you know about this role, and being able to wow the interviewer; with your knowledge and expertise; makes you stand out amidst all interviewed applicants. Of course don’t be a too know. Just try to display some level of intelligence and that’s all.

3. Be well dressed.

The first impression an interviewer has about you matters a lot and guess what! 8 out of 10 interviewers get their first impression about you by your mode of dressing. As a matter of fact, some interviewers may not even want to know you more; they feel you’ve already being defined by your dressing and you’ve got no other definition for yourself than what they’ve seen.

When you go for an interview don’t dress like you are going to a party; you know what I mean {the mini skirt, flashy make-up’s and the likes}. Responsible interviewers sees indecent ladies as a threat to the organisation.

“Wearing a mini dress, sends the message that you are trying to compensate for skills you lack in other areas.” Says Barbara Pachter In pictures: Dressing For Business, Not Pleasure. It also exposes you to irrelevant attractions.

Also don’t dress like you are going to a prayer ground; it sometime pisses interviewers off.

Instead dress free; dress modest; dress professional. Of Course you are one!

4. Get Ideas about the questions you’ll be asked and answers to them.

Best for you if you’ve got a friend who presently works or has worked with the company you are to be interviewed. Ask the friend about how her interview was like, the likely questions you’ll be asked and the best or related answers to them. But if you are lucky enough not to have such frill, then you need to buckle-up on your research; spend time to think on possible questions and get well defeating answers to them.

Be sure to have a unique answer to the “tell me about yourself” question. This is mostly the first question interviewers ask and giving them a more unique answer different from the normal ones they’ve heard increases your chances of success.

5. Smile: smile: smile again.

                                                                                                              Image Credit: Shutterstock

Smiling gives you a brighter look, it boosts your self-esteem and makes you likable before the interviewer. Smiling to an interviewer gives him/her the impression that you’ve got no traces of fear. Also you get back what you give: so when you smile, you tend to get the interviewer’s smile back.

Smiling during an interview session will also elevate your mood, it lightens up the interview scene and helps you answer all questions in a balanced state.

6. Tell them why they need you.

The main aim of every company is to make reasonable progress and that’s why interviewers would go for people who can add value to their organization. It’s now left to you to convince them that you are the best fit for them.

You could start by discussing a bit of productive techniques/ideas that the company is lacking which would have doubled their revenue, then relate it to your area of expertise.

  • For example if I’m having an interview with a technology company, one way which I love to drive the interview through is by asking about the status of their company’s blog. I would make them know the importance of an active company’s blog, how their lack of/inactive blog has dealt with their revenue. Then I would definitely relate it to my areas of expertise and the services I’m willing to offer.

7. Organize a lot of mock interviews

                   “Practice makes perfect.”

No other quote should come first when you are having an interview. Practice is everything. Mock interviews would help you boost your self-confidence, help you reduce the stress and anxiety of being interviewed, and of course reveal to you the areas where you are lacking that needs to be fixed.

Walk into a room, walk in front of a mirror, get to practice with a friend or relative. Let the friend act as the interviewer and you as the interviewee. Get caught up by the role, and get used to the practice. It won’t look like a big deal during the real interview.

8. Leave the interviewer with a take-home.

Most job seekers fall into this hole; they take the interview so seriously forgetting that interviewers are also humans. Employers know the effect of team motivation, and that’s why they don’t just want to employ a skilled person, they want someone who is skilled and enjoyable to work with.

Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive.” ~ Elbert Hubbard.

Take home could be an ending question, an observation or a new principle you just discovered. It could also mean telling the interviewer a story; it should be a crisp one, expressing your ability to do the work and so on. Remember: you aren’t the only person called upon for the interview so it could be difficult for the interviewer to remember all. The interviewer only remembers those whose interview session was interesting.


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Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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