8 Surefire Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated In 2020

8 Surefire Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated In 2020

We all wish to achieve something big in life… Right? But why it happens that some achieve it soon and some are slow-paced? It is all about determination and motivation. Some of us make big plans, jot down things that we wish to achieve but after a while, the enthusiasm fades away.  

It is very necessary to give yourself a constant reminder and keep yourself motivated. Below are the few ways of how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals-

1.   Organize:

Organize your work, schedule, and life. An unorganized life can never help you achieve anything in life. To stay motivated one needs to stay disciplined. If you really wish to go big it is a must for you to plan things and work accordingly.

It is easy to gauge your performance if you are organized and as per the demand of the situation you can make changes. If you do not know what is going wrong and where you are lacking, then it becomes difficult to make amendments. Organized people can easily find time for work and leisure as they know their motives well.

2.   Constant reminder:

Keep reminding yourself of your goals, it helps you put in your hundred percent. Be it motivating yourself for health, work or any other set goals constant reminders can only keep you going. We deviate from our goals and end up getting lost, constant reminders help you remember what exactly you want and why.

3.   Live by the day:

Go slow and be patient. Do not be harsh on yourself. There will be days when you will have to push yourself harder but on some days you take things slow.

Do not try to achieve it all in one go, no one can do it so do not be disheartened. Long term goals are achieved by working on it daily. So work hard to achieve your goal but do not get impatient. Some days may show good results some may be average or below average. This is how it will always be and try to make your peace with it.

4.   Enjoy your work:

If you wish to achieve something it will surely drive you but you also need to enjoy the process. If you do not enjoy what you do you will easily end up losing interest. Make your tasks and work more exciting and fun, indulge others if you feel the need, challenge yourself to make things interesting.

5.     Reward yourself:

To stay motivated you should celebrate your accomplishments. Give yourself a break for a day, go enjoy yourself with your friends and family, pat yourself, get a spa day, etc. Prepare yourself for the next step well by taking a small break or celebrating your achievement.

6.   Positive affirmations:

It is really important to surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts. Keep your distance from negativity as it may hamper your performance and effect badly on the outcome. You may feel demotivated and negativity makes you lose interest as well.

It is really important to keep the surrounding positive. Regular positive affirmations are a must; you can even put notes or creatives around you of motivating quotations. Remind yourself ‘you can do it’. Do not let anything pull you down, give your best shot to achieve your goals.

7.   Take occasional breaks:

If you are planning to achieve something long term you cannot stick to a monotonous routine. You need to take occasional breaks to charge yourself up. Everyone needs to refuel so do not be strict to a level that you have a breakdown. Take occasional breaks to keep yourself going and restraining fatigue.

8.   Take care of your physical and mental health:

To keep yourself motivated it is really important for you to take care of your physical and mental health. Take proper diet, exercise, and meditate. If you fall sick or mentally if you are disturbed, you cannot achieve your goals no matter how hard you try. So take a break if you feel under weather or you feel something is disturbing you mentally. Try to come out of that situation and focus on your goal.

We all set goals which are hard to achieve and that is why we need motivation. The ones who are determined and self-motivated tend to achieve their goals quicker as compared to the ones who are easily distracted. Remind yourself why is it important to achieve whatever you plan to achieve.

Do not let anything scare you, be it hard work or long working hours. Remind yourself of the results so that you feel the rush to give your best. Stay in the company of the people who keep you motivated and the ones who believe in you.

Whenever you feel low on energy or demotivated, take a deep breath and ask yourself… Why? The moment you get the answer, you’ll be ready to start with more enthusiasm and excitement.

Author: Steve Carter

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