9 Actionable Steps to Quit a Negative Custom/ Bad Habit.

9 Actionable Steps to Quit a Negative Custom/ Bad Habit.

Do you know that negative customs and bad habits often ruin productivity? Do you also know that thinking you don’t have a bad habit is a bad habit?

Study shows that bad habits disrupts you, and makes your goals unachievable. The pretty truth is that we all have at least one bad habit! And many of us want to quit. But the problem is we don’t think we can so we don’t give in for it!

However if you want to double your productivity and you are still struggling with your bad habits, I’m sure you will find this article helpful.

1. Be Convinced.

For you to be thinking of quitting; either quitting an undesirable habit, quitting an unpleasant job, quitting a deleterious company of friends and so on, there must be certain reasons. Take a list of the reasons why you want to quit and review the regularly until you are totally convinced. It’s hard to take a productive step when you haven’t successfully convinced own yourself.

2. Get Specific Help.

Now that you are convinced you need help!

It is difficult to achieve a great cause all alone. If you want to stop drinking alcohol, it’s easy to say to yourself “now stop” but the question is are you really going to stop? Get help from handy persons; you could get help from someone who just successfully broke the act of drinking, or those that you have being hiding from while drinking; it could be your parent a colleague, your children, your spiritual leader, your boss or a close relative and tell them you want to quit. Sure they will want to scold you, but the truth is they wouldn’t want you to continue in the act so they will provide help from their path.

3. Don’t Isolate Yourself.

This is a common mistake people make when trying to break a habit.

Isolating yourself isn’t going to do any gain rather it could provoke more havoc. A Casanova who is fed up of his sexual act and wants to break this act. Fine staying isolated might look like it’s going to help you because you wouldn’t see any lady around you during your isolation period, but how would you break the thought of masturbation? Then you drop an unpleasant habit to pick up a devastating one.

Instead of isolating yourself, break off irrelevant ties and stay with people who will help you achieve your goal.

4. Set A Quit Date.

When trying to quit a habit, you need to set a quit date; set the space of 1 or 2 weeks to stop that act.

Mark it boldly on your calendar, write a bold note about your quit date, and put it where you will be seeing every time, I mean where you will see it at least 101 times a day; it could be on the wall of your office, or close to your desk. Also tell your inner circle about this date and make them know how eager you are to quit on this date.

5. Begin with Baby Steps.

While your quit date is yet approaching you should start taking baby steps. Don’t just wait till the quit date before you quit; if quitting was as easy as that then I would have quit eating. #smiles:( 

You want to stop taking hard drugs, begin to act now; start by emptying all traces of drugs in your possession

N.B -: Don’t give it out to an addict, instead destroy it; by giving it out you stand the chance of receiving it as a gift as the fellow would want to pay you back for the pleasure.

Then convert the set funds which you always use to purchase it to a small business. Just purchase something; something marketable not relating to the habits you want to break.

6. Welcome Discipline.

It’s not enough to give yourself a quit date; I mean you set the quit date for yourself, you can also decide to annul it. But discipline is the key.

Self-discipline is a unique character that can help you break loose from unpleasant habits.

Discipline can’t be easy sometimes you know? But you just have to screw it in to ultimately achieve your set goal.

7. Get Ready to Tackle the Quitting Symptoms.

When you want to quit a habit, you should be ready to deal with the symptoms that follow. It won’t seem like it’s going to be easy at first but you need to have it in mind that the discomfort is for a short period of time but the gain is forever.

When you thirst for that alcoholic drink, get yourself a full creamy and nourishing fruit juice, do this often and often until you quit this act totally.

8. Avoid The Triggers.

When you follow the above steps, it becomes easy to break through that habit, but if you aren’t careful, you might find it difficult to stick to your stance.

Stay away from situations or circumstances that tempts you to drink.  Don’t walk through the route of that bear parlor/ joint, don’t talk about your past life more often; but if you are required to do, make jest of it and laugh at yourself while saying it. Also stop the club, you might even be required to cut of the link between some friends; if it’s required then do it and associate yourself with friends whose perspective is the same as yours.

9. Pick up New Customs to Replace the Bad Ones.

Bad habits have being identified as a way of keeping people busy. Most people do their negatives just when they are bored. You can’t think of stopping the bad habit without having a replacement for it; you’ll definitely be back to it when you’re idle.

Instead plan and pick up new customs that will keep you active and that you’ll love to do when you drop the bad ones.


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Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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