A Brief History of Organic Kratom

A Brief History of Organic Kratom

A Brief History of Organic Kratom

In the past few years, organic kratom has become widely popular in the United States as a herbal supplement. At some point, it becomes imperative to ask, where does this herb come from? And how has it attained such massive popularity? If you have been considering such questions, here is where to find answers. Kratom, apparently, has had an interesting history marked by a humble rise to the top among herbs. 

If you have been an avid reader of this blog, you most probably already know that kratom has Southeast Asian origins. More specifically, it is native to the countries Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Papua New Guinea, etc. Kratom is known as ‘ketum’ or ‘biak’ in Malaysia, and also ‘krathom’ or ‘thom’ in parts of Thailand. Kratom has and is still grown in deep rainforests located on some of the islands of these countries. Apparently, kratom trees thrive in wet and humid environments. Beyond this fact, what else is interesting about kratom?

The earliest association of the people of the region named above with the kratom plant is from the nineteenth century. Perhaps the natives had even discovered and been using it long before then. Kratom had featured prominently in their herbal medicine as well as for recreational and socio-religious purposes. Most prominently, it was common among manual laborers. Traditional methods for taking kratom in the past include chewing the raw leaves or boiling the leaves to make a tea. The people used to take kratom as we westerners take coffee. Today, there are still kratom teas, but many more applications have emerged such as kratom powder, kratom capsules, kratom extracts, etc. 

Organic kratom

Kratom is scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, a name it acquired due to the most popular chemicals in its composition, two alkaloids known as mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. 

In recent years, kratom had gotten imported into the United States and Europe, from which it had attained global popularity. However, most of the kratom products grown in these places still come from the rainforests in Southeast Asian islands. Apparently, the wet and humid conditions required for the growth of kratom trees are not met in Western countries. And that is one point you should note when purchasing kratom products. The kratom plant must have been cultivated in its native Southeast Asia, even if its processing takes place here in the United States. 

As kratom shot up in popularity, it has also caught the attention of politicians, legislators, and researchers. Western research into kratom use is still ongoing though there are still some areas that are unknown. One is the area of kratom interaction with other (non-kratom) chemical substances. History tells us that traditional users of kratom in the past usually add sugar or sweet beverages to kratom. But that is as much that history tells us. 

When debates about the legality of kratom tilt towards its unsavory impacts, the examples of harm caused by kratom are usually related to the use of kratom with other non-kratom chemical substances. Therefore, many experts agree that such a practice is unsafe. Instead, they recommend the consumption of organic kratom. That is another important fact for kratom lovers. ‘Enhanced’ kratom products (usually with synthetic alkaloids) may be bad for your health and it is best to stay away to remain safe. 

Organic kratom: WayMoreNaturals

That is why WayMoreNaturals only sells pure, organic kratom products: capsules and powder. At WayMoreNaturals, the safety and wellness of our customers are paramount to us. Kratom is legal federally (at least, it is not outlawed) and in most states (more than 40) of the US. Chances are that you are in a location where kratom is legal. If that is true, why don’t you check out our online store, assess our beautiful array of kratom products, order for yourself, and be a part of the impressive legacy of this herb?

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