Amazing Benefits of Multivitamins in Our Daily Life

Amazing Benefits of Multivitamins in Our Daily Life

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We may think about whether we should take multivitamins or no? Sure we can get a lot of nutrients from foodstuffs like vegetables and fruits but the reality is we don’t. The effect of not eating enough vegetables and fruits is that we miss many essential nutrients that lower the risks of strokes, heart diseases, cancer, and other such health conditions.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that adults should consume 2.0 to 3.0 Cups of Vegetables and 1.5 to 2.0 cups of Fruits and according to a study by CDC 87 percent of adults don’t eat enough vegetables and 76 percent of adults don’t eat enough fruits.

So the question now arises is how can you get the required amount of daily nutrients? The answer is through a Multivitamin. A Multivitamin is like an insurance that makes sure that you get the daily required amount of Vitamins and Minerals. This covers up the shortfall that occurs when you don’t consume the required amount of food.

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of taking Multivitamins in our Daily Lives:

·        Good for Heart:

According to many Studies, High-Quality Multivitamins can reduce risks of Cardiovascular Diseases. Heart-related diseases are the leading cause of death in both women and men in the United States. Vitamins like B1, B2, B6, K1, (B3) Niacin, CoQ10, and Magnesium all help in improving Cardiovascular Health.

·        Healthy Aging:

Our Nutritional needs increase with age while at the same time our bodies find it harder and harder to absorb enough amount of Nutrients. Medications for diseases also deplete nutrients from our bodies. Multivitamins can offset all such deficiencies.

·        Boosts Immunity:

Vitamin C can act as a strong Antioxidant and is well known for strengthening your immunity system. Vitamins D and E also help in boosting the immunity system. All these vitamins also help in reducing allergic symptoms.

·        Reduces Risks of Cancer:

Chances of getting certain types of Cancers is greatly decreased by using Vitamins. According to a recent study based on 14,000 Men aged about 50 suggests that daily intake of vitamin greatly reduces the risks of total cancers.

·        Water-Soluble Vitamins:

Excess amount of Vitamins like A, D, E, and K is stored inside our bodies and they are called Water-Soluble Vitamins. On the other hand, Water-Soluble Vitamins like C and B vitamins are not stored on the body, they just travel through our bodies so it is necessary to take these essential Vitamins on a daily basis.

·        Better Eye Health:

Vitamins like A, C, E, (B3) Niacin and Selenium boost your Eye Health. Zeaxanthin and Lutein also provide protection for your eyes against Harmful Light Rays. Risks of Macular Degeneration are reduced by using Multivitamins that contain a combination of such Vitamins as Zeaxanthin and Lutein.

·        Feeling Better:

A large part of the Vitamin B family can boost the energy levels in your body. They can also decrease stress and anxiety levels and increase the feeling of Well-Being. When your body doesn’t get enough Vitamins, it has to work harder to perform simple daily tasks. This leads to fatigue and other health problems as well. Taking Multivitamins and maintaining a healthy lifestyle keeps you energetic enough to breeze through your daily life. These effects alone can merit the use of Multivitamins on daily Basis.

·        Healthy Skin and Hair:

According to many recent pieces of research, you should look for Vitamin A, C, E, and CoQ10 if you want healthier skin. Also look for Vitamin C, B3 (Niacin) and Biotin for fuller hair.

·        Muscle Strength:

Muscle Aging-Related Problems are due to Free Radicals. A daily dose of Multivitamins can help in maintaining these damaging free radicals. Care should be taken as not to over-consume them.

·        Short term memory enhancement:

According to a recent study conducted in Australia, Vitamin B has a significant impact on supporting and enhancing Short-Term Memory Function. In the Research, those older participants that were supplemented with Vitamin B12 performed much better in Memory Tests as compared to those who were not on Supplements.

·        Better Mood:

Some Studies and tests have also suggested that a daily dose of Multivitamins has a positive effect on your emotional well-being and on your overall Mood. This is because getting enough Minerals and Vitamins enhances Brain’s function that is responsible for your Mood.

Multivitamins are essentially a combination of different Vitamins that we are supposed to get from food. These Vitamins are vital for our body and unfortunately, most of us don’t get enough of these from food. That is where Multivitamins comes in. But as each one of us Human Beings is unique and so are the effects of Multivitamins on our bodies.

So it is best recommended to go for a personalized approach for your Multivitamins intake. You can also find many Popular Multivitamins Tablets Over-the-Counter but it is best to consult a doctor first so that He/ She can recommend the best one for you.

Author: Laura Edward

Laura Edward a graduate of San Diego State University, and a content contributor at Nano Hearing AidsApricot Power, WP Customization company, and Church Advertising Consultants. Laura has been writing for magazines and websites since 2015 and loves to write about different new things. In her spare time, she read books, listens to music, and writes a new blog post. Follow her on Twitter.
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