Anti-Theft Store: 6 Essential Security Measures To Protect Your Small Business

Anti-Theft Store: 6 Essential Security Measures To Protect Your Small Business

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Small retail stores are unusually prone to security shrinkage and breaches. Retail shops are generally victims of theft, but small retailers usually have limited resources to invest in security measures.

But, there is good news. You don’t have to spend a lot to secure your small business. Here are some tips you can consider to boost up your security today, take heed.

Guard those Windows:

After deprived access to your business premises through the doors, criminals will then try to access the windows. Sadly, most small retail shops windows are not well guarded and become a point of entry for burglars.

Thus, it is advisable to use a security glass window which is tougher and hard to break. Also, consider investing in reliable window locks as little latches can be easily pried open. Furthermore, think of adding window screens, window rollers, or windows bars to serve as a useful first line of defense.

Install Right Locks:

It’s evident that you have to protect your shop using locks. We usually don’t think about the locks that are right for our business. For example, to collect insurance money, most organizations require a proof of forced entry into the building.

So when choosing a lock, ensure you choose one that is going to make the thief  work hard to enter the premises. On this note, cylinder pin locks are prescribed, along with a cylinder deadbolt. Now is the time to visit your local locksmith to see what type of lock would suit your business establishment.

Establish an Access Control System:

Since fraud caused by employees is a major problem for most businesses, it is an excellent choice to limit the number of openings one key can access. This method will let your staff do their tasks without limitations and help keep your property protected.

 If you are looking for excellent security for your business, an access control system is perfect. It allows you to monitor who uses a key and the exact time it was used. An expert locksmith can help you create a secure access control system.

Hook the Cameras:

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Video monitoring has been going inexpensive over the years. A shop owner can now afford a web-based video  to monitor their shops. Monitoring system which can be accessed through a laptop or phone and watch over their shops or stores. No one should underestimate the benefit of a security camera.

The presence of surveillance cameras can alarm potential robbers as the footage could play a vital role in their following arrest.

Make Use of the Shrubs:

While shrubs and trees may be a great option for aesthetics, they also offer great cover for anyone attempting to enter your premises. Hence, consider planting trees and shrubs trimmed around the entrance and pathways to reduce any potential spots of hiding.

As an option, think of choosing low-growing or terrain-covering plants as it can offer that much required aesthetic appearance, without building hidden areas where thieves can go through the business premises undiscovered.


You don’t have to dispute with the loss of any products stolen but the expense of repairing the damages, failure of business while you replace stocks and preparing for re-opening. Indeed a break-in can be very embarrassing for both employees and employers.

However, there are some security measures and strategies that any business owner can establish to minimize the risk of robbery. You can visit Ashe Morgan and other companies to run your business better with ease and peace of mind.

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