Do you get depressed and carried away negative thoughts during times when you were facing an uncertain or a tough challenge? How long did you tarry in those thoughts? Was there a positive result?

I’m very certain about the answer to the last question*; there can never be a positive result from negative thoughts. Being under the influence of negative thoughts is the worst thing that could happen to an individual or a group of individuals. During moments like this, the time that could have being invested in some better things to wallow in self-pity and accusation; you end up seeing no way forward and that’s a full stop.

Meanwhile having a smart sense of optimism isn’t as difficult as you think. It’s just about training your beliefs, thoughts and acts to earn a positive result.

“If you think that the future can be positive, you become more willing to put time and energy to make that come true.” ~ Segerstrom.

Just like building your body muscles; optimism is not something you practice once and forget; it takes continuous practice till it becomes a real part of you.

So this week, I’ll like to share with you 11 tips you should use to build up your sense of optimism.

11 steps

“An optimist is someone who always sees the bright side of every situation.”

1. Study and try to identify the reason why you aren’t positive

This is the first and very important tip to become optimistic but most people try to avoid/ skip this step. You can never stand to change anything without knowing what it is.

Within 3 minutes now you are going to take a practical study.

Pay close attention to yourself and identify those things you have to think or talk about, those negative challenges and write them down. Also track what you were doing during and after those instances. Just take note of the; don’t be scared of looking into it cause you are about to solve them.

2. Now Change Your Focus

“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather saying it can’t be done.” ~ Bo Bennett

Now that you have identified the reason why you are experiencing some negative challenges the next thing to do is to change your focus; change your focus to the next step you should take to get yourself out of that mess.

Don’t just sit there and continue to ask yourself why something happened shift your focus to the positives of life they come up with a smart step and start from there.

3. Meditate

Meditation is an important tool. Is helps you to call together your mind and acknowledge your emotions. Meditation makes you feel relieved and serves you with a strong balance against anxiety/depression.

4. Don’t Fool Yourself; Be Practical.

Many people call themselves optimists meanwhile they go around fooling themselves. They ignore the chances of greater challenges. They say to themselves that negative experiences never occur. They become over confident about issues which will sooner or later make them disappointed and place them in a depressed state.

5. Put Things in Writing

Write down what you really want to achieve, write down a few positive statements/ quotes that will keep you up and going. Jot down a few positive progress you have had for the past few days and put them in places where you see them regularly; this will help you to develop a positive mental attitude towards work.

6. Compare Yourself With Yourself; Not With Others.

Comparing yourself with others is the most deadly thing you can ever think of doing; when you do, you become envious of your folks and begin to generate this negative instinct about yourself. And the fact remains that negative instincts will always bring along negative results.

Instead compare yourself (your present state) with yourself (where you started from). If you realize that there is a positive improvement, then you really need to do #7

7. Stay Happy.

Study proves that those who stay happy do not only live long, but they tend to have the right sense to make things right. There are countless benefits attached to staying happy and being a better optimist is one.

We live in a world of hilarity and there are various things that could make you feel happy all you just need to do is to stay connected and you’ll realize that everything is right.

8. Be Grateful and Reward Yourself.

Gratitude is a very important tool that fastens one out of negative bounds. Be grateful to yourself and others; from your starting point to your present state you faced a lot of challenges yet you are still on track; come on be grateful!!!

Research shows that when you reward someone for an attitude or action, s/he grows vibes to do even more. So reward yourself; it could be a social reward (like go to the cinemas or hang out with friends and make them know what you’re celebrating), it could be a mental reward (like taking a day break from work to do nothing), it could also a health reward (like go to the hospital for checkup or eat the best meal) and lots more. Just be sure to record these rewards; they will help you during your next working season; as you’ll want to work harder to get better self-rewards.

9. Stay Healthy

If you want to become a true optimist then you must live a healthy lifestyle.

When you stay healthy, become full of zip and active to act against doubt, worries and fears.

Exercise your body and mind;, eat healthy/balanced meals, take fruits go for periodical check up’s don’t allow anything to mess with your health because nothing is attainable without a healthy lifestyle.

Also engage yourself periodically in some physical activities; not necessarily going to the gym. You could take a walk few miles away from home, play volley ball, swim and lots more.

10. Be A Bit Spiritual.

“Could there be anything you don’t like and you really want to change? Then go before your God in prayer.” ~ T.Y Josephine.

Irrespective of your religious practice the spiritual controls a part of the physical.

You want to visualize and change hose negates to positivity then feed your spirit man. Make your religious obligations, read spiritual magazines listen to spiritual messages and lots more. You even stand the chances of getting insight and better inspirations from those practices. Just make sure you are doing exactly what suits your belief.

11. Start Practicing It.

This is the last and practical step to become optimistic. Be positive in your dealings with others. Have positive thoughts towards them, speak positive words to them, create positive feelings towards them in doing that who knows, you might even be helping someone become positive through your actions.

This is as simple as smiling towards your neighbor, attending to their needs when you can afford it, talking and encouraging them and many more. Optimism is an act and it grows so the more you practice it the better it become for you then you just realize that positivity becomes your lifestyle.


Best Regards


Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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