Best Apps To Double Your Productivity

Best Apps To Double Your Productivity

We are in a world of constant communication and technology, and without doubt, we all face series of distractions every single minute! Distractions in our homes, distractions at our workplace; even distraction in the air — Bringing us to a state of unease and un-productivity.

In whatever way, the mobile has also contributed to this distraction series– The phone calls, messenger notification amongst others. As a matter of fact most young adults are so addicted to their mobiles that they can’t do without checking their phones within minutes.

However, the good news is — you can double your productivity even with your mobile phone.

“Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

Below are 6 principal apps that you can use to double your productivity:


The Any.Do App  is a smart life administrator which would help you plan your day, week, month and years.

With Any.Do you can get into your activities by setting a reminder of what you are to do at any point in time.

This app also keeps track of your assignment always in-sync across all your devices. Which makes it accessible anywhere and at anytime. The Any.Do app can be connected with Exchange Server and Cloud services for backup, and it is compatible with both mobile device and desktop devices.

Another additional advantage of the Any.Do app is that you can organize a one on one meeting with just a few taps; where you can leave your assistant to take care of your task, while you focus on other things.

Click here to stay more productive with the Any.Do App for free!


The WunderList App is another effective tool you can use to double your productivity.

WunderList  makes it super easy to organize your work-stuffs. Whether you are planning a summit, you’re planning a break or you’ve got loads of project right in front of you, WunderList would provide you maximum support, helping you to be more productive.

With this app, you’ll get reminded some moments before the time, and you can add your notes to ensure that all your ideas are captured. So you’ll never miss a deadline again. You can create a WunderList Account for free.

One exceptional advantage of the WunderList app is it’s “collaborative feature.”

This means when you’ve got plenty of spade work, you can share these assignments with your pals and coworkers. What an advantage!

You can get the Pro versions of WunderList here to enjoy many more features and get more organized at work.


The AtTask App is a customizable cloud-base work management solution that helps you create task templates and increase your efficiency.

Compared with the stress filled process involved in the use of some time and workplace apps, scheduling and executing projects with AtTask is very easy and intuitive. The app helps you to have a more centralized view of all workplace activities, thereby helping both you and your team to better understand and organize the work ahead.

The AtTask app makes simplifying easy and helps save real-time. The app allows you to attentively manage your work in one place and sync-in all your connected devices.

This app also helps with resource scheduling; helping you to connect with the right people for your assignments.

Some other productivity features of the AtTask app includes: Collaborative workspace, collaborative review, prioritization, real-time monitoring, project tracking, document management, timesheet management, just to mention but a few.

This app also provides online support to give you adequate information about how to use the app efficiently.


The Wrike App is a productivity tool that helps you and your team members to perform their best at any speculated project.

The Wrike app helps you to set your work priorities right, making complex projects look simpler and motivating your team members to get more work done within a limited period of time.

Furthermore — all data is consolidated in one specific region, so all the team members can understand what the current state of project speaks. Which would help them know the next business action to take thereby increasing efficiency in all aspects.

Get Started on Wrike for free today.


The Habitica App formerly known as HabitRPG is a task management and planning tool that takes a very different role — a role-playing game.

This app is set up with game mechanics — arranged to keep the player motivated to achieve goals. This game also helps improve willpower, persistence level as well as task-timing.

It gamifies your life by helping you turn your real life goals to little monsters you have to overpower — Serving you with inward compensation if you succeed and punishments when you fail.

Input you daily schedule, your task and your to-do, customize an avatar and your life’s game is begun. You’ll therefore need to chop-off your task in order to unlock special features like: armour, express skills, and so on. Then you receive your reward at the end of the game………

  • For example; If a Habit is “3 hours of creative work” —  this game serves this regard. When the user reaches the goal and has exceeds the set hours of productivity, they will gain experience and gold. But if the user fails, they’ll lose their in-game health. And if the health remains low for a long period, they lose their progress in the game (i.e. you’ll have to go back to the previous places you’ve already conquered).

Sign-up for Habitica for free today…………….


The GoalsOnTrack App is a web-based goal setting program for high achievers.

GoalsOnTrack allows you to record your goals, set the start date and time as well as the deadline and the process/actions you should take to reach this goal. It also keeps track of your progress thereby offering you a constant reminder of where you are presently.

The app is goal-effective and easy to use. It is supports all major mobile platforms such as iPods, iPhones, Android, BlackBerry, etc.

In Conclusion

“Trying is getting” — You will never know which of these apps that would suit your course until you try it out. Keep experimenting on these apps until you find your best fit.

Best Regards

Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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