Motivation is the key to achieve and maintain virtually everything in all areas of life; without motivation it becomes difficult to achieve your desired success and it also becomes impossible to maintain your present height.

When you set a specific goal for yourself and you are already exploring it becomes easy to burn your motivation out and lose focus on the track if you don’t recharge yourself.


Below are 9 tips on how to get motivated and move back on track

1. Constantly Remind Yourself about Your Goal

We all have goals; usually before setting out on certain processes, we had always stated or written down how we want the process to look like. So when you begin to wear out and get sucked, a reminder of your set goal could help restore your motivation.

2. Visualize

To visualize means to see the end from the beginning.

This is one of the best tip that helps you get back on track because placing the end in mind serves you with a very strong motivation that makes you feel like doing it more.

“You are what you see yourself as” ~ Dr. Joe.

3. Track Your Progress

After you have taken a view into what you want the end result to look like then it is time to track your progress. If you can’t track it then you can’t achieve it”

We all need to track the state where we are now by doing that we become motivated. When you track your progress you just see either of two things;

  • Its either you see that you are on the right track and you are achieving even more than you stated for yourself and you get motivated to press on to achieve even greater success
  • Or you see that you aren’t on track or you are far from your goals. Then you get motivated to kick start and chase after your goal before the set time.

It is important to track and whichever you find yourself you get inspired to work on/work more.

4. Take Breaks As A Reward Of Hard works

One of the reasons why people tend to lose motivation is lack of breaks.

Take periodical breaks and make sure you are not doing anything similar to your work.

You have being in front of your computer for more than 5 hours now, why not take an hour break and stroll to the kitchen to chew something or you have being in your office writing proposals, why not take a few minutes break and move over to your colleagues office to gist. You get lifted when you take breaks and during breaks you tend to do what is fun and you also stand the chance to be served with inspirations when you are doing something you find pleasing. Just make sure you do not spend beyond your set break time.

Also every hard work deserves a reward so when you find out you have achieve your set goal why not organize a reward for yourself. It triggers your motivation and makes you feel like doing even greater works.

5. Don’t Stay Away From Motivational Materials

Dr. Chris well know youth motivator once described staying away from motivational materials as seeking a pot that feeds you at intervals and then you decide to throw the pot away because you think you are full forgetting that the food you ate now will digest within few hours and you’ll want more.

Everyone deserves to be charged; just like an electronic device which will get low if it is being used for a long period of times and it is not plugged into the electric source. You need to get plugged into relevant source in order not to get used up. Stay clinged to motivational materials that could restore you to track; materials includes motivational blogs, motivational magazines, motivational E books, and motivational music/talks. And lots more. When you do this, you gain edge to get back to what you have started, you learn new methods through which you can explore easier and better, you also get to relate with relevant people in your field who would help you gain a strong “I can do it spirit”.

6. Use the “Double P Strategy”

Most of the time we get tired of doing a task when we dillydally and then our motivation wears out. The truth is that procrastination sooner or later gets you under pressure so you need to address your attitude towards procrastination in the right way.

Use the double p strategy for productivity to address procrastination.

7. Be Optimistic

“Think you can or think you can’t. Whichever way you will be right and it will work for you.” ~ Henry Ford

An optimist is someone who see the bright side of every situation. When facing a difficult challenge, it is important to focus the bright side of the situation. It gives you an edge to achieve brighter success.

8. Simplify Your Task

When your task looks bulgy it can be overwhelming a times.

You need to organize and simplify your task into smaller chunks. Right then you become motivated to do the simpler once. When you are done with the simpler once you can then move ahead to do the bigger once. When doing this there are a lot of choices you really need to make. Get your priorities; what is important not what is urgent.

9. Stay Clinged To The Company Of Motivated People And Seek Counsel From Them.

Jim Ron when taking a study on the effect of the company people keep he popularly said ~ “You are the sum total of the closet five people to you” Directly meaning that you can only be motivated and still stay motivated if you stay clinged to motivated people.

If you associate yourself with people who are either unmotivated or less motivated then you are closer to be demotivated that being motivated. So watch and decide the right company for yourself.

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Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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