Can’t Keep Up With Your Work? 7 Straight Forward Steps To Be Organized.

Can’t Keep Up With Your Work? 7 Straight Forward Steps To Be Organized.

This is becoming a slang in our world today. You start up a business today and the next thing we hear tomorrow is “I Can’t Keep Up”. You start a task now and later we hear same; everything looks disorganized, everything looks like it is in a mess.

Though there are a real lot of articles out there about how to get organized at work, but I get to find out that its being written by pretty organized fellows which makes it difficult to practice.

I yes I; Dan, had once been a chronic disorganized young man. Then whenever I get to farm, I do just whatever comes my way, the truth is though I work, but I do both the reasonable and unreasonable, and whenever I get home at night, I go angry with myself because I had failed to do the right works. I tried to put a stop to my disorganized habit, but all effort seemed fruitless. Not until I tried some very simple steps.

Below, I will share with you 7 simple practical steps that helped me to become more organized at work.


1 .Start your morning in a pleasant manner

 Start fresh, start bright, start well nourished.

Your day is being shaped by what you begin you morning with. How and what you start your day with is a vital determinant of how productive and organized you’ll be for the whole of the day; if you start the day wrong, your day will be totally disorganized. When you start the day by hitting the snooze button three times, dragging yourself out of bed, your slow movement creates a slow and dull mood then you tend to realize that the whole of your day will be on that same slow pace.

Wake up happy, stay bright, and put yourself in the best of pace. Also start your day with healthy/nourished meals. Eating fresh meals makes you feel better and gives you a significant control over yourself throughout the day.

 2. Pick Up routines; Daily, weekly monthly

Go ahead, balance up or pick up new routines/rituals. When you have your routines, it helps you stay organized by knowing what you have done, what next and what you are still going to do. Pick up routines that helps you stay organized. When you want to do this, there are outlines you need to follow;

  • Realize how much time you have
  • Do a quick self- study; study yourself and know the exact time you love doing some task.
  • Estimate the time you’ll spend on each task.
  • Set your routine. 

3. Put Things Into Writing; Write Your Tasks.

Now that you had picked up new routines the next thing to do is to put them into writing. Sit down with your favorite beverage, take a pen and an empty piece of paper. List EVERYTHING you want to do, should do or have to do daily.

Now on another piece of paper, carefully arrange all those task you wrote; split them into two;

  • Urgent
  • Important

To be organized, there really needs to be a clear distinction between what is important and what is urgent. While arranging your tasks under this two categories, you’ll to realize that some task are urgent but not important, but most times you tend to allow the urgent to dominate your moves, which deprives you of your better works, makes it difficult for you to keep up and put you in a disorganized state. While activities that are urgent and important must be done, be sure you are doing the important first at all times (regardless of the urgency of the other)

 4. Self-discipline

Putting things down could be the simplest thing to do, but without self-discipline, it becomes ineffective. There is no point writing those things down if you don’t discipline yourself to accomplish and follow them; when talking about being organized, you really need to be disciplined. “True freedom is impossible without a mind made free by discipline.” – Mortimer J. Adler

Set boundaries, control limits, and rules on yourself that keeps you organized. Be disciplined with your approach to your work, also be disciplined with your approach to your written commitments.

 5. Chop Up Big Projects Into Smaller Chunks

A bulgy project that requires wide resources and attention can be quite overwhelming; it therefore becomes so easy to lose foresight and get disorganized. Now, when the overwhelming work is broken into its smaller unit, it becomes much easier and better and it restores you back to the best pace and get you organized to work.

 6. Label And File.

Now that the work seem to be in its smaller units, the next thing you need to do is to label and file

This is also a better solution to become organized to work. At this point you need to get plain sheets of paper, and some file. Now label those file like this;

  • Act On
  • Put away
  • Keep
  • Delegate


(a)Act On;

In this file, you keep lists of the works to be achieved; these are task you’re to kick start immediately. Nothing must stop you from taking immediate actions

(b)Put away;

In this file, you keep a list of tasks you don’t want to embark on anymore; it could be that you just realized that task doesn’t match your goal, or for one reason or the other that may be personal to you, you don’t want to move ahead with those task. You make a list of them and put them in this file.


In this file, you keep lists of tasks you aren’t sure whether to lay hands on or not. You put this file in a closer range in other have quick access to them easily


In this file, you keep list of task that you are willing to assign to others. Make a list of them as well as list of those you are going to assign them to. Be sure to define the task and state your expectations

7. Use The “Double P” Strategy

After you had carefully digested those 6 effective steps, the last thing you need to do that will help you to tackle your worries is to learn how to use the “double strategy”

You worry most whenever you are under pressure; and the double p strategy carefully explains more on why you are under pressure and what to do under pressure to still take the lead. Click the link below to read the double p strategy for productivity.

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Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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