Does living in a big city motivate you?

Does living in a big city motivate you?

Living in a big city does come with many advantages – meeting new people, getting more job opportunities, having vast entertainment options, etc. But, does living in a big city motivate those same people to get out of bed and focus on their jobs, families, etc.? Or do they just feel overwhelmed? According to recent research, almost 90% of the people examined said that the fast pace of life and the urban surroundings are the main driving force for them. So, in a way, the big city that they call home does motivate them.

Thus, if you need motivation, consider moving to a bigger city. One of the main things that it will provide you is a fresh start and a chance to be constantly surrounded by people who are pushers, goers, and motivators by themselves. But, that is not the only thing living in a big city will give to you – your motivation to live, work, and thrive will come from the following things too.

Finding Yourself

It is easy to feel unmotivated when you do not know who you are and what you want to be or do in your life. Nobody blames you! With so many options out there, it is hard to stick to one. The only way to find what truly works for you is to try as many things as possible. Try to be a teacher, a dancer, a cook, etc. Or, try to be single, try to have a partner, try focusing on friends only. Motivation is necessary for every aspect of our lives, not only work. And you can find this motivation in a big city.

Smaller towns do not offer many choices, and most people are usually forced to be and do like all the others there, which is why they lack motivation. Of course, packing your bags and moving somewhere completely new can be overwhelming – but there are ways to cope with big changes in your life! Do not be afraid to try to find yourself!

Growing Up… And Doing It Fast 

There is nothing wrong with being a child and acting like one, but unfortunately, that period has to end. In smaller communities, people often stay ‘younger’ longer because they are not forced to grow up. However, trust us, living in a big city does the opposite. And, there is nothing wrong with that either! This is how winners are made.

There will be times when you will feel like you are drowning; there will be times when you will make terrible mistakes, and there will be times when you will feel alone even when surrounded by so many people. And, these bad times and negative feelings are the ones that will not only make you grow up fast but also the ones that will make you successful, wise, and satisfied. 

So, make moving to a big city and growing up your 2021 resolution. And, work on keeping that 2021 resolution too! What a big city will give you are challenges, but those challenges will change your life. You will soon start to embrace the solution-oriented mentality that your small-town friends may never have. 

Having Independence 

When children move out of their parent’s homes, they do it because they want to be more independent. That is a natural way things go. And, when they move to big cities, they do it because they want to feel empowered and liberated – something they probably cannot be in their small town. 

Yes, big cities are expensive, gigantic, and full of unfriendly people. But, once you overcome these things alone, you will feel motivated to do anything. You will celebrate even the smallest achievements you thought were not so worthy before. You will find happiness in the tiniest things. And, all of this will teach you how to stay motivated for doing big and complicated life tasks. 

No matter how old or young you are, work on your independence. The first step can be moving to a big city. While this step can be complex and stressful, there are ways to make everything more manageable. There are so many resources that can help you make the process easy and stress-free. There are people who can help you organize this move in no time, so you have no excuses. 

Being Exposed to New Things 

Try to go somewhere where there are many things that you can expose yourself to. Listen to people talking in different languages, celebrate the holidays of different cultures, eat the food made by foreigners, etc. 

Being exposed to new things does not only make your life more interesting, but it also makes you motivated to get out of bed every morning and try something new. Bigger cities are places where you will have access to so many different values, ideologies, and perspectives that will motivate you to do anything. Need to make your new dream house a reality? Need to find an inspiring job? No problem – there are plenty of those in bigger cities! 

Having Life-Changing Opportunities 

We can all agree that there is a good reason why so many people live in big cities. They are motivated by opportunities. Of course, there will always be competition, but do not focus on that. Focus on all the chances that you cannot get when living in a small town. 

For instance, did you know that in big cities, there are people who focus only on coloring the hair? And, there are ones that focus only on cutting it. As you can see, in big cities, there is a place for everybody’s passion. Once you have that passion right where it should be, your life and your work will become more fulfilled. 

So, what do you think? Does living in a big city motivate you? If you already live in one, do you recognize yourself in everything you have read? If not, do you think a change of scenery can help you be the best version of yourself? 

Author: Clara Fort

Clara Fort has been working as a blogger ever since she has graduated from college. Her topics of choice are mainly about motivation, inspiration, and driving forces used to turn one’s life around. Clara studied psychology, and she wishes to share her knowledge with people all around. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and going for walks with her dog.
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