Five “Ridiculous” Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs that Actually Worked

Five “Ridiculous” Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs that Actually Worked

Ever noticed those pesky ads you see while browsing online that promises “weird” tricks to remove belly fats, or to earn millions without working for it? Those click-baits might not make you lose the fats or earn you millions, but here are five ridiculous tips from successful entrepreneurs that amazingly worked for them.

1. “Don’t work; play.”  

– John Cleese

These three words are so simple to understand, however I always get a feeling of someone saying “Yes, but…” after that quotation from John Cleese. This quote is nothing new. It is just a condensed version of the proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” No important job should replace good rest and relaxation. Most creative inspirations can come from these times of “playing”, of just letting go of whatever task you are doing and finding something creative to outlet your stress. It is easy to conclude that creativity is higher for people who know how to play. It just simply makes them relax enough to let the creative juices working. This has even been proven scientifically. Work stresses out because it has set goals that need to be accomplished. But when you allow yourself to play, your mind relaxes away from the stress of having such goals and allows your imagination and creativity to flourish.

2. “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.”

– Donald Trump

President Trump may not be your favorite person in America, but you have to admit that it is that quote of his that skyrocketed his presidential career. It sounds like a magic lamp kind of thinking, but getting from his real estate empire to the Presidential seat in the most powerful country in the world is indeed the “big think” accomplishment. So whatever it is that you are starting, remember that your business needs more than having the office space of your dreams. It has to start with your own ability to think big of your plans and having the guts to go for it.

3. “The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake — you can’t learn anything from being perfect.”

– Adam Osborne

First things first. You can never learn from a mistake if you will not admit to making it. You will not benefit from your mistake if your first response to it is to find somebody else to blame. It takes courage and great humility to stand up and own up to our mistakes, but the reward to that is one where we grow to become more responsible people. When we own up to our mistakes, we move away from the shame and the guilty and we understand how such actions could impact us and the people around us.

Lessons are learned once we learn to understand, and once we learn our lessons, we progress to become better.

4. “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

– Bill Gates

Much like learning about our mistakes, our unsatisfied customers are indeed our greatest source of learning to better our business. Bill Gates is right on point on that one. It might be quite a blow to your ego when people would say that your product or services are not parallel to what you expect it to be. But if you change your thinking, and focus instead of finding ways to improve your product and services, then you will see that the very complaints that you received are the very ones that pushed you to improve in your game.

5. “Put your brilliant idea away”

– Woody Allen

Woody Allen is greatly recognized for his genius. This piece of advice shows how he actually puts his great mind to produce brilliant films that is loved by many. While it would be a typical first response to shout to the world how brilliant your ideas are, it is often a better idea to try to hold back and pull yourself away from it. Trying to overwork an idea can make it lose its wonder. Don’t be bothered too much when you give yourself time to rest on your idea and come back for it at another time.

While it is true that every successful individuals had put in their all in order to get to where they are now, sometimes it is humor that can actually spur us to action. While you are out pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams, don’t forget to laugh and enjoy more out of life.


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