Five Ways To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Website

Five Ways To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Website

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 Backlinks are links between websites. They allow you to reach people who may not be aware of your business or blog. They can help to establish a relationship with your audience and attract new social media followers.

They play a major part in how search engines to rank your site and not all will have a positive impact on your ranking. Those that do will be from high authority websites that people trust.

Having backlinks does not only helps to improve SEO, but It also fosters brand recognition, and backlinks can also be called inbound links or income links. They are created when one website links to another.

Here are Five Ways to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Websites


 Having a blog is one of the basic tenets of attracting links. After all, the content you are blogging about focuses on your business and brand. While a blog is essential to your SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, it doesn’t stop there, blogs that tend to do best express strong opinions about matters in their industry, things that the client cares about and so on.

That doesn’t mean every post is controversial, every now and then plan to tackle a topic that matters to your website with gusto.


 A great way to attract links and get quality backlinks is by interviewing an expert. People like to be recognized for their expertise, and every expert has their own audience. The people you interview will always share and link to your website.

Try an in-depth article interviewing just one or two experts or a round-up that feature quotes from many, the more expert you bring together in a round-up post, the more traffic to your website.


Write content that references an opinion of someone in the top ten in your industry. You may not need to interview them, you can draw upon the previous statement they made elsewhere (with attribution).

Identify the influencers in your article who tends to either link to an article mentioning them on their site or share such post on social media.


You might be surprised at which sites are linking to your site, and forge a relationship if they have a quality site that is relevant to your website, stay in touch with them. This is very important, get in touch with them, if they are connected and the site owner is an influencer within your websites.

They might need guest bloggers and you could potentially offer useful content to their audience in your author biography and you can also include a link to your site.


Write case studies that your audience can learn from, you could identify major blunders that were turned around or hot breaking news, stories (that involves terrible losses or even massive wins) this ideas ties well into the “UNICORN”

Take note of what your competitors UNICORN are, and write your own unique context on that same topic. A Unicorn article stands out from the competition meaning it’s better than other articles on the topic. Take the best advantages of your UNICORN. Publicize them well within the community.


A backlink is a hyperlink that links from one web page back to your own page. The five ways to get quality backlinks to your websites are: Start a blog, interview expert, Reference an industry leader, stay engaged when you have a link and create/ review case studies. With this view, you will have quality backlinks.

Author: Sunday Adenekan

Professional Digital Marketer and Blogger. Contributing writer to authoritative publications online.
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