How To Be A Good Leader – Inspire Your Team To Thrive

How To Be A Good Leader – Inspire Your Team To Thrive

Being a Boss doesn’t always mean that you always do the right things.

If you want to have a happy team, who is motivated, work-oriented, and which leads your company to the heights, then you as their leader must take the command. And by command, I do not mean giving orders and using whips.

The thing that it takes to be a good leader is being an excellent mentor.

You can say that if you want to get the best out of your team, you need to give the best to them. If they are doing the labor work while you are printing money, then obviously they will not be willing to be the part of your team.

Good Leader Definition

If you say that the skills of your team are excellent, they all excelled in their school, they are the best with what they, but till you cannot achieve the results you expected, then I have news for you – You are not leading them right. Why is that?

Have you ever heard of a herd of lions who were being led by a goat? They all lost to another herd, of goats, which was lead by a lion. That is the difference between good leadership and bad leadership.

You can take your mediocre team to excel at things in which a bad leader with a good team will fail.

What Makes A Good Leader

1.  A great leader has to be brave. If you get any challenges, do not hide behind your team or blame others for loses. It is your team, face the challenge with them, not let them face it alone.

2.  Never lie to your team. Once you start doing that, hiding things from them, you lose their trust, and they start hiding things from you too.

3.  As stated above, be loyal. Gain their trust, establish a calm environment

4.  Make yourself trustworthy. People tend to work better if they know they are surrounded by the people that can be trusted. Pay close attention to those who are lagging behind or do not understand the task, and help them.

5. A true leader needs to stay calm at any point. Stay focused, don’t raise your voice, and handle everything calmly

6.  Listen to the employees. The best characteristic of a good leader is that they listen to everyone carefully, and observe when no one is speaking. Everyone expresses themselves in their unique way, and that is what a good leader must understand.

Qualities Of A Bad Leader

  • A bad leader always comes as a strong person. They are loud, nobody likes them, everyone tries to hide from them when they are around.
  • They are not fair, they treat everyone differently. They have favorites.
  • They are not trusted, thus, not respected.
  • Bad leaders have this habit of outshadowing their team members. They take credits of the work someone else did and boast about it like they worked day and night for it.
  • Don’t be someone who is talked about behind the back, but be someone who gets to enjoy the office party with everyone.

Methods Of Motivating Employees In An Organisation

To boost your workforce, here are some ideas that you can try:

1. Empower employees

Entrusting your employees to be answerable for their work and attain employer goals can go a long way towards motivating them.

Have weekly or month-to-month conferences to permit personnel to realize the business enterprise outlook and the way each plays a position in its success. By means of showing them the demanding situations you face, they emerge as extra thoughtful about the large image and what it’s going to take to overcome obstacles.

2. Offer possibility

You don’t have to do the whole lot yourself. human beings want to be concerned and know their skills are getting used, too.

Encourage employees to serve on committees, get concerned in expert institutions and provide returned to the community.

Publicly representing your enterprise allows them to take ownership and delight in what they do. And as we all recognize from personal enjoyment, you’re greater willingness to put in an extra attempt on projects you’re taking pleasure in.

3. Be open

Be open and to be taken seriously. We’ve all heard about the bosses who disguise at the back of closed doors, but personnel needs a person to visit. recognizing a need for collaboration, more groups are choosing open-concept paintings areas, where all people – consisting of bosses – shares an area. This ends in a more dynamic discussion, availability, and creativity.

Be frank and obvious: wherein does the organization stand financially? wherein does the employee stand professionally?

4. Show appreciation

You can show that you appreciate their work through texts and email, letters also make an effect. Send a handwritten word of thanks or praise to employees who have worked particularly tough. humans will remember that you took the time to place pen to paper.

Appreciate the hours they put in the office, and recognize that the employee needs work-existence stability, and permit them the time to attend a wedding or baby’s soccer game.

5. Network involvement

The notion can come in many forms. But, giving back to the communities where you do enterprise can be one of the maximum meaningful for you and your staff.

Volunteering at a college, walking dogs on the neighborhood animal shelter, assisting the militia or donating blood are all methods that companies may be worried in supporting communities prosper.


Whether you want to improve the working environment or the profits of the company, there are always multiple ways to do that without offering a pay raise to your employees.

You can motivate them by cutting the hours, adding some fun games in the office for them to take a break, or by taking them on an outing once a month.

So, what are you waiting for? How about showing them who the real (but good) boss is today!

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