How To Connect Android Phones To TV Using Chromecast

How To Connect Android Phones To TV Using Chromecast

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Do you want to learn how to connect your android phone to TV using Chromecast? Today I will be teaching you all you need to get started.

Examples of platform you can cast are Netflix, YouTube, amazon prime, and many others. So without any further ado let’s get started.


  • Chromecast stick
  • Chromecast app
  • TV

How To Connect Android Phones To TV Using Chromecast

To cast your Android device to your TV, Make sure you have both a Chromecast stick and the mobile app. You can try buying the Chromecast stick directly from any online store. You can get the chrome stick for 30$ or so. The Chromecast app is also available on Google play store, after getting all the necessary requirements to follow the simple and detailed steps below.

  • Plug the Chromecast stick into your TV. It should fit into your TV’s HDMI port. You can check the image below for a TV’s HDMI port image.
  • Now open the Chromecast mobile app
  • Locate and tap “Look For New Chromecast” and wait for some seconds then exit the app.

Open your android network setting the follow the simple steps  below

  • On your network settings, locate and tap “chromecast option”
  • Now kindly minimize and retrace your step back to the chromecast app
  • You should a pop up displaying “next”, tap it.
  • Confirm that the code on your TV matches the one on your phone.

To proceed, you will set up your Chromecast. This includes the following processes:

  • Selecting a country
  • Adding a name to your Chromecast (optional)
  • Adding a wireless network to your Chromecast

Open the app that you would like to cast on your screen, apps like Netflix and Youtube are supported, while some websites are also supported too.

Tap the screencasting icon. This is the rectangular icon with a series of curving lines in its bottom left corner.

Tap Chromecast. If you gave your Chromecast a name, that name will display here instead.

Wait for your phone’s screen to appear on your TV. This may take a few seconds. Once your screen has been successfully mirrored, you can use your phone to pause, skip ahead, or alter the volume of your content

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