How To Discover Your Passion With 5 Simple Steps.

How To Discover Your Passion With 5 Simple Steps.

What is that thing you have always dreamed about but you never achieved? Oh you haven’t even dreamt about one before right?

Passion – “An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.” ~ Oxford Dictionaries.
Passion is the reason why you get up in the morning energized and you do things even at your inconveniences. Passion gives you an intense satisfaction; living your life the way you really want to. As a matter of fact, without passion we are “nothing good.”


If truly you want to make life enjoyable and worth living, then you need to be living your drive and engage in what you are passionate about. But the truth is not everyone knows what they are passionate about. That’s why this article is recommended for all.

Below are my 5 simple steps to discover what exactly you are passionate about.

1. Find Out Your Personality

Before going ahead to discover what your passion is, you need to first take a quick study of your personality. Your personality determines what satisfies you, your personality determines what you want, your personality determines what motivates you; in fact your personality is “your all”. Knowing exactly what your personality is might be quite difficult if you’ve always rated other people’s perspective higher than yours.

“Positive feelings comes from being honest about yourself, finding and accepting your personality and physical characteristics.” ~ Willard Scott.

You tend to experience the real passion when you see that you are doing things in favor of yourself, when the steps you take are not just in respect to others view but to honor your own personality.

2. Sit With a Pen and Paper; Ask Yourself Diverse Questions

Many people haven’t sat down yet to ask themselves different questions in respect to what they want their life to become.

“The key to wisdom is this constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question and by questioning we arrive at the truth.” ~ Peter Abelard.

Ask yourself both reasonable and unreasonable questions; it’s yourself nobody is hearing you so don’t be scared. Start by asking yourself what feels “positive” and what feels “negative”. Then you can begin to break it down;

  • When last did you feel motivated? What where you doing and where were you?
  • When last did you feel unmotivated? What were you doing and where were you?
  • And many related questions.

These are questions that will help you to make and maintain the right perspective which will help you discover your exact passion.

Note that you are yourself; so you are the interviewer and you are the interviewee. So if you really what to get real and truthful results, be honest with yourself.

3. Your Passion Lies In Your Answers.

It is not just enough to question yourself for questioning sake then you discard the answers. Note; there are unique characters/features in your answers inside which lies your passion.

Remember that you wrote your questions and answers down in a paper so begin to study it.

  • For example you might have find out in your answer that you your happiest moment was during an exhibition you attended and you displayed your art skills. This implies that your passion is in the range of creativity, fashion displays and the likes
  • You might also find out in your answer that your happiest moment was when you defender a member of your society and put a smile on her face. This implies that your passion lies in the range of human right service, counselling/support, contributing positively to the society and the likes
  • Also you might find out in your answer that the last time you felt unmotivated/depressed was when you wanted to make a very important decision and you had to wait for a higher authority. Then this implies that you hate dependence and your passion is to be independent and work for other’s independence.

4. Flash Back To Your Childhood Days And Find Out You Love Doing

“Memories of childhood were dreams that stayed with you when you after you woke.” ~ Julian Barnes.

Many people find their passion right for their childhood days but they tend to deviate from it when they grow up.

Dr. F. Aemalle once said ~ “When I remembered my childhood days; how passionate I was and how distinct, I accused myself for growing up.”

When you flashback to your childhood days, you tend to realize that you have being doing something you really loved when you were young. It may look outmoded but just realize how it could be translated into your present life today.

Take a list of those things you loved doing back then as a child; think of things you have dreamed about as a kid and run a check in yourself; are they still a part of your personality? If No then this is the time to rewrite.

5. Check Out For People You Envy

There must be this particular person you envy so much. They may be a friend, your family, a religious/ political leader etc. Try to know them and make them know you. Then you seek help from them. Make them your teacher, zero the age factor and be ready to learn from them. It takes only a fire fighter to explain what fire fighters face when they sign out to work.

Reach out to the people you envy and let the person who is more passionate about a thing give you a lecture. During the lecture you tend to get inspirational concepts which will help you to kick start/ find out what your passion truly is.

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Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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  1. I really recommend #2. sitting with a pen and asking yourself diverse questions. It’s something I do often. It might seem like a child’s play right before you start. But doing it feels like uncovering and hidden truth from within. But #5 should be more defined
    Thanks for the insight Dan!

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