2021! How to Make (and Keep) a New Year’s Resolution

2021! How to Make (and Keep) a New Year’s Resolution

New Year Resolution

Do you know that OVER 50 PERCENT of New Year Resolutions don’t make it past the first six months? As a matter of fact, a Study (INC) of 800 Million Activities Predicts Most New Year’s Resolutions Will Be Abandoned on January 19. LOL.

While most New Year’s Resolutions are about breaking a bad habit or losing weight, there are many other resolutions that people set that do not actually become achievements.

New year, New Me! A common trend on the timeline, particularly in the early days of a new year. The arrival of a new year brings a renewal of hope. A feeling of newness. An illusion that nothing negative crosses over into the new year.

Twenty-Twenty is a year many wouldn’t want to recall. It is a year the earth shook down to its foundations. 

We welcomed the year with bushfires in Australia which started late 2019, the Royal family saga in the U.K, the tension between Iran and the U.S.A, Kobe Bryant, daughter Gianna & seven others die in a helicopter crash. 

Amidst many sad stories making the headlines, W.H.O announcing the novel CORONAVIRUS on the 9th of January did not just drive our blue planet into a state of Pandemonium only, but also resulted in the loss of lives later on, and laid waste to many New year resolutions.

While many would blame the world government for not taking quick measures, the virus came unannounced to many. 

Being alive suddenly became the only goal of individuals.

Twenty-Twenty will surely go down in the premium pages of our history books. A year we could not wait to end, and many weren’t privileged to see its end.

It’s a new year, 2021! The feeling is anew, with a pure breeze of hope blowing across every continent on earth. Frankly, I should dive into the path of New Year resolutions!

With the happenings in the previous year now behind us but still waging on individual experiences, it is beyond doubt that the majority would be taking crucial steps in the new year as the saying Y.O.L.O, now resonates, rent-free, in our minds.

The question remains, How do I make it work this time?

Make it happen

The traditional New Year resolutions fail because many overlook the process involved in habit-forming, which is the foundation of achieving your goals.

Want to keep fit and in shape? Eat healthy, register at a gym!

Want multiple or a better source of income? Start a business, acquire high-paying skills!

In pursuit of academic excellence? Put in more effort to study!!!

Many times we are aware of the consequences attached to a goal. We only drift backwards when it comes to putting the “system” to work. It can only mean that your thirst to achieve a goal isn’t that bad after all.

I recommend ATOMIC HABITS by James Clear. It dwells abundantly on breaking old habits, and how to build healthy habits.

I have no idea what your Resolutions for the new year are, but I have taken time to highlight some guides to making and achieving the best this year.


There is no doubt that perfectionism tendencies are on the rise, especially among young adults. Being one of the sources of unnecessary pressure and reduced productivity, creating illusions of “what should be”, and taking a toll on your mental health. 

Give room for creative thinking, solve problems, innovate, but refuse to dwell on Perfection. It makes your goal-achieving system unhealthy.


If I could lay more emphasis on this point, I would!

Frankly, life is all about risks, and only those who dare to leap will achieve the unspeakable. 

Notwithstanding, all actions are with consequences, and whether it is good or bad solely depends on the said actions.

Throwing caution to the wind, in most cases, results in unforgivable consequences. If you are allergic to dust, would you risk going to a region characterized as a desert?

If you only live once, why then should you risk it all at once? I recommend taking actions with the thought of the long term consequences. 

And if you are to throw caution to the wind, do it for a tangible reason with a thought of the consequence.


Sometime in 2018, I was on a stroll with excess energy. It was my entry point into the brotherhood of goal setting. I had the best feeling to achieve great things within a short period.

Thus, I made unimaginable goals. I wasn’t wrong to want to achieve a whole lot. I only skipped some vital steps.

You do not become a billionaire by writing it out as a goal. There are steps you need to take and the essence of time. The first step to becoming a better writer is to write every day! Do it over and over again till it becomes a habit.

Knowing what goals to be on long-term and ones within months, gives a direction towards your energy leverage.

One interesting fact is how relatable Perfection and Making unrealistic goals are. They dine on the same table of pressure and falsehood.


Taking your time, in many cases, equals time-wasting. Unless a situation requires much attention and analysis, you shouldn’t let it take your time. 

Time waits for no individual, and the earth doesn’t retire from revolving around the sun. Plan your time according to priorities.


Happiness remains a state of mind. This new year, dish out good vibes and energy and receive only the same. Be intentional about being happy.

You may remain productive when in a bad mood but will have no satisfaction with whatever you do in this state.

Be happy and spread happiness, and the Universe will return it in abundance.


The Universe rewards a grateful heart. This new year, make the art of gratitude a lifestyle. Take steps of gratitude. Appreciate the people and things you have in your life at the moment. Be grateful for how far you have come and never forget to pat yourself on the back. 

Be your cheerleader if no one takes up the position. Be intentional about your growth this year.

Lastly, stay safe and ensure to observe all guidelines for Covid-19. The fight against the virus is not over yet. But together, We will win the battle!

Author: Emmanuel Oyagha

Emmanuel is a Digital Marketer and Content Writer. A Guest Contributor @ PerfectMotivations, Inc. Connect with him on LinkedIn (Emmanuel Oyagha).
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