Generally, perspective is always in just two forms; the right perspective and the wrong perspective.

The right perspective helps you in various ways; it serves as an ultimate motivation for you to achieve your set goal, it boost love in relationships, it gives you a stable mind, it helps you fight over doubt, worries/anxiety, it gives you with inspirations and helps you to be more creative, in fact the right perspective make you feel happy.

These and many more does the right perspective help you to achieve. What then is the right perspective? And how can you attain and maintain the right perspective?

Perspective – “A particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.” ~ Oxford dictionaries.


  • How To Make And Create The Right Perspective

1. Smile

You have got reasons to smile you know? There have been a real lot of pleasant things that have happened to you. The mere fact that you are connected to the internet you just have to “SMILE”.

Smiling is a symbol of acceptance, it calls your mind and self together and makes them active to whatever is brought before you which makes it easy to achieve the right perspective.

2. Don’t Pity Yourself

Stop being sorry for yourself. It gives you a negative overview of your life and enhances the activities of self-doubt. When you pity yourself you become depressed and see yourself as the victim; you begin to blame yourself for all decisions you have taken and you begin to view things in the negative way.

Instead of laying helpless and wallowing in self-pity why not get up and face it, face that challenge and the right state of mind is generated towards achieving it.

3. Think And Speak Positive

When I was writing this article, I got the real context of what Henry Ford the developer of Ford automobile was saying ~ “Think you can or think you can’t whichever way you will be right.” The right perspective is created through our thoughts and words.

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh” ~ Mattew chp 12 vs. 24.

Your word serves as an expression of what is going on in your mind so watch your words! Stop using those negative words to drain yourself of your willpower. If truly you want to change your perspective to the right then you really need to be conscious of what you say. Speak positive into your life. Say words like;

  • It is just being difficult but I will achieve
  • I am the one destined to make it
  • I can do this
  • I have got this
  • And lots more

4. Visualize

Sure you should not expect that things will just go on the way you planned. There must be some difficult time, there must be some challenges that will make the success story more interesting.  

“There must be a down if there is going to be a up”

You need to keep the right perspective by visualizing into the future. Create a quiet time, think about how pretty the end looks; the end of all things is always beautiful. So be free to view into it, it is your future, it was designed for you so don’t be scared to view into it; it helps to achieve the right perspective.

When you view into the future, you tend to develop a strong feeling, your state of mind changes, and you become positive about how to achieve what you saw in your view. Right then, the right perspective is developed.

5. Have A Strong Focus

Focus on that which is right and don’t pay attention to what people feel or think about you. All people want to see is the immediate result, they would always get pissed off with the process. You are the one that must have a strong and unshaking focus towards whatever you want to achieve.

You must kill distractions in any sort; they aren’t useful. Begin to careless about what people want for you. In as much as what you are going after is your goal, focus on it then you will realize that you develop the right perspective of how to achieve it.

6. Read; Read Wide.

There are a lot of “hidden perspective treasures” and you will only find the keys to unlock them when you read.

You wanted to read that was why you open this article, so read more, read on; read leadership books, read positivity and motivational blogs, get E-books also read funny stories.  There is fun in reading and there are a real lot of things you will learn.

Reading keeps your mind alive which will help you develop the right perspective. So Don’t Stop Reading!!!

7. Always Realize That Those Failures Are Learning Procedures.

In real life, you don’t need to discard/detest your failures, instead you are to carefully analyze and take it as a learning process; study it carefully and take note of the lessons it has to teach you.

When you fail you have learnt a new thing all you just need to do is to try to leverage it for future use. So whenever you have a similar challenge, you know what you ought to do and what you ought not to.

When you realize that your failure is a learning process, then it give you an edge over your fears, your worries, it helps you balance procrastination, it boosts your self-confidence, it’s then that right state of mind is achieved.


  • How To Maintain The Right Perspective

The right perspective is one of the best productivity tool one should have and that the reason why it must be maintained. There are various ways in which the right perspective can be maintained but I wrote about just the most effective 2.

If you are satisfied with the right perspective and you really wish to maintain it, then you can use the two practical tips below.

1. Gratitude

Research proves that gratitude is very beneficial in our everyday activities and in every areas of life; at work, health wise, relationship wise and lots more.

After you have achieved the right perspective, gratitude helps to maintain it. Simply think of the various things you have to be grateful for, create a gratitude list (also include this in your list; be grateful you found an article like this). Just be grateful and you see that you are always equipped with the right perspective.

2. Always Try To Be In The Company Of People With The Right Perspective

Study proves that we get affected by those people we associate ourselves with. Even right after you have achieved the right perspective you could lose it in no time. In fact it is easier to lose than to achieve.

You need to get close and associate yourself with the right perspective people so as to continue to dine in the right perspective. When you stay clinged to the company of the right perspective people, you even tend to generate fresh ideas on how to address issues in a more productive manner.

N.B – It also takes the right perspective to identify the company of people with the right perspective.

In Conclusion

The right perspective is indeed the key to everything because “Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us” ~ John Mitchell.

Best Regards


Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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