A right state of mind can help you in various ways. It helps you fight against worry, doubt, envy, having nerves and lots more. But the question is; what state of mind is really right?  Is keeping mute or silent the best state just like most people belief? You will find out all these in this article of mine.

“We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften and make us kinder and more open to what scares us. We always have this choice.” ~ Pema Chodron

Sure life is full of complexities and trials, we all have bad moments, we all face little challenges, but we tend to concentrate and give more focus to our problems, and in this cause, our focus is narrowed, and our minds are being locked to opportunities and new ideas. If truly you want to embark on great works, the right state of mind is essential.

Below are 10 steps you should follow to put yourself in the right state of mind.

1. Keep your mind alert

Alert is the key word.

Your state of consciousness

   Defines your state of mind.”

~ Debasish Mirth

To be in your right state, your mind needs to be alert.  When your mind is alert you will become more aware of the human tendency to quickly judge experiences as “good” or “bad”. With that an inner balance can be created and the right mind develops.

2. Think And Stay Happy

                                     “Whatever we think, we become.

                              Happiness is nothing but a state of mind

            Which only your thoughts and beliefs can place you in.”

                                                                                          ~ Edmond Mbiaka.

Happiness is indeed the key to so many things. When you engage yourself in things that makes you happy, you tend to feel relaxed then you can achieve a better state of mind.

3. Have A Standard Attitude Control

Having a standard attitude control is an effective way of sorting out your mindset. Attitude is a little thing that make a huge difference.

Michel sedaghat once said “It is either you control your attitude or it controls you.”

Try to understand your attitude to things and their outcome, then set a sure standard for yourself.

4. Meditate

Just like the way we exercise to train the body, meditation trains the mind. Meditation provides you with the right mindfulness, it helps to improve the brain’s ability to change structurally and functionally which gives you better control of your thoughts and reactions by so doing you tend to enlarge your views and concentrate more on your thoughts and feelings to attain the right state of mind.

There are various forms of meditation today; there are motive meditations such as chi und also walking meditations, compassion meditation and lots more isolate meditations concentrative meditations and lots more. Choose whichever form of meditation suits you and practice it.

Seriously meditation really help to attain the right mind. Start meditating today!!!

5. Take A Break And Stay Relaxed.

                        There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest

                                    Use both and overlook neither.

~ Alan Cohen.

Our mind needs break, working for a long period of time is stressful and overwhelming. But taking breaks helps us to generate a settled mind.  So if you are nervous angry or worried you need a break.

Break’s taking is quiet fun and in fun, we always find the things we truly love.

Is there an overwhelming challenge that keeps putting you in a state of unrest, you need to relax you emotions. Go hunting, write some jargons on paper, take a walk, make or receive a phone call. Just make sure you are doing something that is different from the original work and catch fun. By the tie you return back to work you must have achieved the right mind as well as better ideas to work with.

 6. View Into The Future.

“Look desperately into what you designed yourself to become

                                    It will either scold you or make you happy.

                        Whichever way, you should be restored to the right track.”

~ Jay linker                

Now that you are settled and you have taken enough break, before you move on with work, just try to view what your future holds. The future seems to be colorful for everyone. Viewing into your future helps you to put everything into perspective and when you do your state of mind changes. You become positive about how to get to what you saw in your view and the right mind is developed.

7. Believe And Take Step

                                    “Whatever your mind can conceive,

                                                It can achieve.”

                                                                        ~ Napoleon Hill.

After you have taken a deep view into your future and you really know what it looks like, you have to hold a strong belief in it and take the right steps to get there. Don’t doubt yourself, you are capable of doing anything as long as you believe. Also don’t allow other put you down, the only reason why people look down on you is because they aren’t in the right state of mind. Get up to the challenge treat procrastination, and take relevant steps. That’s when you’ll begin to notice a change in your mind’s state.

8. Organize.

Getting to work isn’t just enough to put yourself in the right state of mind. But you need to be organized at work. If you aren’t organized at work you will sooner or later wear out then you find yourself with that common saying “I Can’t Keep Up”. This link takes you to my 7 straight forward steps to get organized at work.

9. Gratitude.

Gratitude goes a long way in molding the mind.

Gratitude – “The quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and return kindness.” ~ Oxford dictionaries.

Write a gratitude note to yourself, always be ready to return kindness to yourself, it put the mind together in the right state and helps maintain that state for a long period of time.

10. Single Task.

“Bees cannot sting and make honey at the same time.

They have to make a choice

It is either they be a stinger or a honey maker.”

~ Emmanuel Cleaver.

Do only one thing at a time. When you multitask, you put your mind in a complex state. It might look cool at beginning but trust me when you get fully involved in it, you’ll get stuck.

If you want to achieve the right state of mind, you need to stop multitasking and start focusing on just one thing first before the other. Focusing on only one task at a time will not only help you to explore all areas on that single work, it will help you get the task done within a limited range and leave you with the right mind.


Best Regards


Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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