How To Stop Making Excuses And Take-Up Your Responsibility.

How To Stop Making Excuses And Take-Up Your Responsibility.

                                “He that is good for making excuses

                                   Is hardly ever good for anything else”

~ Benjamin Franklin.

We are already into the second half of the year and I can boldly say that, many have already abandoned some of their claim target which they made in the beginning of the year using various kinds of excuses as backup.

They make excuses like; I still have time to do that! I don’t feel like it right now! I don’t think the time is right! What excuses do you make? What is your greatest fear? What makes you scares of taking certain steps or certain decisions?


We tell excuses in other not to look like a bad character or in other not to get into trouble. We don’t want anybody to see us as incapable. But the fact remains that excuses are bad; they might seem to have a temporary effect on the situation but on the long run it causes a disaster.Excuses changes nothing but it makes every! Feel better.” ~ Mason Cooley.

The truth is nobody likes people who make excuses; I mean nobody so why blame your cause on something else. Why not take open up and take your responsibilities?

Below are 5 steps to stop making excuses and take-up your responsibilities

1. Scrutinize the Excuses You Have Made And The Reasons You Made Them.

This is a funny but practical step you need to take. The truth is if you want a sincere result then you must be sincere with yourself. Take a pen and a paper and begin to write a list of excuses you have made since the time you could remember, ask yourself “why did I make these excuses”? Also write down how those excuses prevent you from making progress.

For example, while observing the reason why you are still fat, you might realize that the excuse you always make is no time to exercise. Then you might realize that the reason for that excuse is that always get home late from work. Then you map out another plan; it could be that you’ll shift your exercises till weekend only or every morning before you take your bath. With that you have eliminated all sources of excuses.

2. Identify and Have a Strong Belief in Yourself

Everyone has a “self-bound limit.” What would take you 3 days to accomplish might just take me 3 hours and what would take me 3 years to achieve, you might had completed it within just 3 weeks knowing your ability. It isn’t really luck but we all just vary in self ability.

You need to first identify yourself ability; know what you can do and how long it would take you to achieve it. Don’t speak beyond your abilities though there are situations whereby we need to embrace self-challenge but all the same, let the challenge be within your ability. When you have a strong and unshaken confidence in your ability, you become bold enough to pick-up your responsibilities and stop the attitude of making excuses.

3. Understand the Risk behind Giving Excuses

There are a lot of risk attached to giving excuses. Like I rightly said; nobody loves anyone who hearing excuses and no one loves people who gives excuses. So the number one risk you are likely to face if you don’t stop your act of giving excuses is the risk of rejection. Also when people get used to your excuses, you lose your integrity, you get locked of open door and opportunities, you lose your reputation {people know that you will always have something to say why a task isn’t done so they rather not come to you} and you even face the risk of being punished.

I happen attended a military secondary school back and I remember these incidence that happened during my secondary school days. A bricklayer was called upon by the Nigerian army for a specific contract after negotiating and the bricklayer had named his price, they got to a say and he was awarded the contract. Then the question came “Which day will you finish this task”? And the bricklayer happily said within “5 days sir” our bursar who was a major general said he would give him a week so as to get the work well done. To cut the story short, in the evening on the 8th day the bricklayer hasn’t even done the work up to half. He was summoned and instead of apologizing, he started giving irrelevant excuses. The major general got angry and you know the rest (he got the punishment of a lifetime).

Understanding the risk behind giving excuses would help you put a stop to it.

4. Seek Appropriate Help Earlier

Many people give different kinds of excuses because they don’t want to seek help from others. They don’t want people to see them as incapable. And now I ask the question do you choose to learn or to “lean”?

Asking for help is a more unique way to overcome a bigger challenge instead of making irrelevant excuses. Delegate task for capable forces to help and seek the assistance of respectable personnel before the time runs out.

5. Stop Hard works; Begin to Work Smart.

“It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is that are you busy about?” ~ Henry David Thoreau

People who work hard and people who work smart have different levels of success; people who work smart records maximal levels of success while people who work hard records minimal level of success and give excuses to cover up for not getting to the maximal level. So dump the mere hard works and begin to work smart.

Read my article on – Hard work isn’t just enough; 8 killer resources to work smart.

6. Take Failure as a Learning Procedure

Most people are found of making excuses because of the fear of failure. Fear derails us, it deprives us from taking certain productive steps. When you entertain fear in your life you lose confidence in yourself and you would restrain from taking up your responsibility in other words you begin to make various kinds of excuses to cover up and boost your self-esteem.

“Life is a continuous learning process where mistakes are a terror teacher”

You need to take failure as a learning that is when you will be bold to stop the habit of giving excuses and take steps to achieve your goal. If you succeed then complements and if you fail congrats too because you weren’t stagnant; you just learnt a new way on “how to explore.”

Whenever you get stuck in the center of either taking up your responsibilities or making excuses just count on the 6 tips above and you gain courage to make a rightful decision.


Best Regards


Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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