Knowledge is Power: 6 Real Estate Investments in Australia

Knowledge is Power: 6 Real Estate Investments in Australia

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We cannot deny the fact that there are lots of investment opportunities that you can utilize and real estate is one of them.

Besides the 86,004 real estate brokerage firms operating in the United States, Australia – in particular, is also gifted with ample land areas.

Indeed, some people misinterpret the thought that investing in real estate will always require property ownership. However, there are lots of ways that you can do to invest in real estate without buying properties.

For you to be guided, listed below are the most helpful and promising real estate investing opportunities in Australia.

Home Construction Investing:

Real estate is not only about purchasing and gaining from prevailing companies. There’s an integrated industry of homebuilders in charge of building neighborhoods in developing cities. You can certainly benefit from these companies who deal with various homebuilding process.

When you are trying to access homebuilders, always make sure that you will study all the details of the business. Check if the company has a low or high real estate performance. Examine their performance on real estate trends.

Remember that the homebuilder performance highly correlates to the economy. When there are plenty of job demands, people would want to invest in new homes. If the economy is slow-moving, home sales will decrease.

Australian Tax System:

The tax system in Australia is beneficial for those people who want to invest in real estate. It will always allow you to mark down all your investment costs from your taxes. For this reason, it is clear that real estate in Australia is more cost-effective for the people who are not financially stable.

Another reason why investing in real estates in Australia is a great idea is the various incentives that you will get from the government. First Home Owners Grant is the most popular among all investment schemes.

However, taxes are mandatory if you sell your property which you have acquired for 12 months or more, but you only pay half of your earnings. Therefore, these tax system makes the country more efficient for those people who want to have fewer taxes.

Property Funds:

If you want to manage commercial properties in the market, without being accountable for the property itself, you can choose to invest your money in property funds. However, if you are just starting out in the world of investing, you will certainly need to do a lot of research first.

In property funds, the money you invested will be meld or combined with the other investors, just like in mutual funds. Know that the cost of one unit or share in property funds can greatly change every day based on the fund’s performance. It means that the fund can potentially decrease or increase its value.

Premium Funds:

You have the opportunity to acquire retirement funds in Australia, although, this wealth has been around for a very long time.

Australia’s giant institutions are adjusting their portfolios against direct investment in real estate, while both overseas and local buyers are making the strong demand for residential housing stock. These premium funds protect you against bankruptcy, and you pay less tax on your investments.

Real Estate Investment Trust:

A Real Estate Investment Trust is one of the best ways to help you get an insight into the real estate industry. This investment is a business that handles different properties like mortgages.
It also has a wide range of real estate properties like apartments, warehouses, shopping offices, malls, and many more.

Just like mutual funds, it will also collect all investments altogether and grant the investors the chance to invest in an expanded property. Another perk is that the investors can expose their portfolio without spending all of their money to buy a new property.

Focused Company:

Lots of companies that manage and handle real estate are not the same as a real estate investment trusts. These companies usually pay a lower dividend compared to REIT. However, the businesses have more privilege and right to reinvest earnings for expansion.

You can purchase stocks from real estate focused companies like Rose & Jones. Know that there are companies whose focus is on developing malls, office spaces, and houses. If you invest in one, you can resell or rent them to gain income.


Investing in Australian real estates can make lots of difference in your life and as a person because it is one of the smartest and safest types of investment that you can avail. You should know that investing in real estate does not always require you to buy a physical property.

Always remember that there are lots of real estate options that you can avail even if you don’t have some properties. Take your cue from the guidelines above.

Happy investing…….

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