My Journey To The Center Of Excellence — Based On Logistics!

My Journey To The Center Of Excellence — Based On Logistics!

So guys, last week was like damn mehn!!!

I had some health battles to tackle and I have been postponing my visit to the hospital, even after seeing so many potential symptoms,until this whole sickness thing came with full force.

I was handicapped for three good days; unable to eat, unable to carry out my normal day’s activities and worst of all, my work was lacking. I even remembered collapsing right in front of the crowd.

Ops; Did I just tell that to my readers?! 🙂

Anyways I am sure someone is already trying to figure out how awful I must have felt.

I thereby had no choice but to embark on a journey from Ibadan, Oyo State; where I reside, to Lagos State. In order to get my health issues addressed at LUTH (Lagos State University Teaching Hospital).

Any which way, out of my busy and sick self, I just had to take records of my activities and observations while in Lagos city so as to serve my readers with this funny and interesting piece.

Enjoy 🙂 ………….. ✍️✍️✍️

I left Ibadan City at exactly 8:00 on Saturday morning and the journey which lasted for more than 4 hours; due to the hold-up at the redemption way, was nothing but boring to a sick person like me. After getting down at the garage, I had to find my way to Jebba, where I was going to lodge in my aunt’s house.

On arrival, I got a warm welcome from my cousins. It’s been years since we met; I think twelve years to be precise. So just like my tradition, for the next 30 minutes I was greeting and being  greeted…….. #Smiles#

Time sure passed quick and it was already 2pm; time to go for check-up. The yellow painted danfo bus I entered was “extra hell!” Due to my unfamiliarity, I sat in the row directly behind the driver. Mehn it was chocked! I just had to endure with the hopes of getting to my destination soon.

So, after the checkup, I was diagnosed of (…..) Wait; were you actually expecting me to tell you that? Lol……

So I was placed on a three days injection and medication and by the grace of God my health began to take it’s form again.

After massive recovery on Tuesday morning, I decided to go for the interview which I had long ignored. A marketing company had earlier invited me to work with them as their content strategist. But I kept on waving because I wasn’t interested in travelling just for a physical interview.

So, since I was around in the state, I therefore decided to put a call through, informing them of my presence and sure they fixed the interview asap! — 1pm that same day.

I went on with the day’s activities; I ate, bathed, wrote and scheduled an article. Then the time was 12:20. Forgetting that Lagos isn’t Ibadan I majestically went out of the room to wash my face and get dressed in my well ironed packing shirt.

On getting to the park where I would board a bus to the company, this is what I met —

Wha? ……. Right then the time was already 12:57 pm.

Now I began to hunt for bike. I waited for more than 40 minutes before I could get one going through that direction.

Just like the Yoruba saying –  “A thirsty man wouldn’t mind if the water is hot; bring it, bring it, is what he’ll be shouting.” Not regarding the expenses, I jumped on it and vroom we got there within a short while. Looking at my watch with a bony face I said out loud 2:23 pm?!

Then I “gentlemanly” walked into the company’s reception (like I own part of its shares) and asked to see the Director. I was told he’s into a meeting which would last for 1 hour.

But here’s the good news, the meeting has begun since 1:30 (“just 7 minutes left” I said to the young lady smiling). I however told her to put a note through informing him about my presence which she did.

While on my seat, the psychologist in me had put-up a strategy which would make the director forget that I was late for the appointment. Guess what!!! It worked really well!

At exactly 2:35 pm, the receptionist received a telephone call and I was asked to go in.

Good afternoon sir I said with a little frowning. The young man offered me a seat with full curiosity on his face. I guess I knew what he was thinking (“Why is this guy frowning??”)

Any which way, I started the conversation — You really took my time Sir. I suspended my write-ups to attend this interview only to be held waiting at your reception. The director; forgetting or not noticing that I was the one who came late for the appointment, cut in. “I sincerely apologize Mr. Daniel. The meeting was sudden and I just had to be present to make the thing more official.”

Ohhh; My strategy was really effective 🙂 I accepted the apology (Of course I had no choice) and we went straight to the main deal.

The interview of almost 2 hours went well; as I had a nice time talking to Mr. O. Babs (the director) and learnt a lot from him. But I couldn’t take up the deal. Why? Did you just ask why?!

Anyway, because the pay wasn’t a fit for me. So I spent a little more time in the company and returned home (definitely on bike!)

Time sure passed and it was the Thursday morning I was set to leave Lagos city.

However, before leaving I gave these three simple tweaks to my cousins. So I am sharing it now.

Below are 3 simple tweaks for young and working adults in Lagos, which would help you not to be caught up in heavy traffic and never be late for your appointment…..

#1. Wake Up Early

Especially to some young adults, nothing brings much comfort like sleeping. But for Lagos based the case must be different.

Don’t be carried away by your sleep, you’ll end up regretting it. If you need more sleep, then you can convert your vehicles (if you ain’t the one driving) or public buses to your bed.

You really want to arrive work by 9:00am? Then the better for you if you are up from bed by 4:00am.

#2. Move Out Hours Before Your Appointment

Lagos traffic’s got no respect for anybody. So if you have an urgent appointment, endeavor to move out hours before the exact time. Luck might not be on your side you know??

In addition, forget the swags! If you have a deal to meet up with, just wear comfortable shoes or keep extra slippers in your bag — Who knows, you might do a lot of walking 🙂

#3. Discover Better Routes

The bike man who carried me to the company for my interview made me realize that in Lagos so many routes leads to various destinations.

Practically everybody knows the normal/main routes. So that’s where they’ll go through. But your ability to discover better and quicker routes makes you “punctual smart.”

To make this easier, you can always tune to traffic radio (96.1FM ) to know the routes where the gridlock is a “NO GO AREA.” You also tend to get information about alternative routes to your destination via this station.

However, the truth of the matter is that Lasgidi isn’t hell just the way it’s being painted to be. It’s just the state of the crowd, where only the smart and vigilant survive 👌

Thanks for reading………

Got anything else to say about this write-up? Or you’ve got a new observation about Lagos City? Then don’t let it lack — Add it through your comment below and get the conversation rolling!



Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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  1. Wow! This is really nice. Can’t wait to get back to Nigeria; to smell that “Iyana Ipaja’s Dust” – Lol
    You make me proud of my state, Man!!

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