Need A Promotion? 8 Things Your Boss Mustn’t Catch You Doing!

Need A Promotion? 8 Things Your Boss Mustn’t Catch You Doing!

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Without promotion, something terrible happens ….. Nothing!” ~ P. T. Barnum.

Are you stuck in your present position? Are you long overdue for promotion and you’ve not gotten it? It might seem very difficult to add up the ranks but the truth is for you to be motivated to continue featuring in your work you need to step up.

When applying for a promotion in any organisation, there are certain things your boss mustn’t catch you doing. Find out below -:

1. Display forms of anger and resentment.


It might seem very difficult for you not to get fuming when you are due for a promotion and your boss is giving you a delay or is been vague, but showing a form of anger and resentment would make the situation even worse; your boss would take it up as an excuse to file you out of the company. Now you lose the promotion and you lose your job as well!

Instead, summon a one-on-one meeting with your boss when s/he is in the best mood and get to discuss how you feel to him/her.

2. Discussing about your promotion with fellow colleagues.


You gossip and discuss your promotion with your colleagues and you think your boss is deaf!

Bosses hate gossips they aren’t involved in. And for the mere fact that the gossip is about what the boss ought to have done would even provoke him the more. Though it might be tempting to discuss your long overdue promotion with your colleagues but you just need to stay mute on that topic.

Sometimes a colleague or senior staff may even want to provoke words out of your mouth by coming to ask you what you feel about being delayed in the same position, but think: If I discuss this with this person what good would this bring to me? Is s/he the boss who is going to promote me? Then you tell the colleague frankly that you don’t want to talk about it.

3. Taking the company’s glory.

Though you got the best deal for the company, though you made those prospective clients comfortable doing business with you, though you brought up new strategies to double the company’s productivity, yet it’s no good reason to share the company’s glory.

Bosses see workers who share the glory of the company as a threat to them; so even though he’s excited about your service and he doesn’t want to let go of you, he might choose to delay or forget your promotion.

Instead whenever you make a new achievement; for example you bring in a prodigious deal for the company; and you are being praised for this great work, return the glory to the company and praise your boss.

For example; instead of saying -:

  • Thanks for the praise sir, I am glad I did my best to get this deal come to place

You should say -:

  • Thank you sir for giving me the directive to look out for new strategies to make this deal come to place and maintain our company’s prestige!

4. Proving that you are better off than your boss.

What happens when you know that the best route is to stick to the left and your boss insists on you taking the right path? Bosses are humans. They are bound to make mistakes. But how you respond to your boss mistakes determines what happens next.

You’ve got no right to correct your boss or question his authority in the public no matter your relationship {public in this context refers to a gathering that’s more than just you and your boss}. If you do your boss sees arrogance in you and you can be sure of one thing; no boss would ever want to promote an arrogant worker.

Instead, you should support your boss every move and order while in the public, you could just express your perspective when you are together in private.

5. Gossiping with new members of staff.


You might be a senior staff in the company that new members of staff are looking up to for leading, but that’s the more reason why you need to be extra careful when you are in need of a promotion.

When there are new employees, you should be careful with the way you give answers to their questions. Some workers especially the new ones are always hunting for the trust of the boss and they could disclose every bit of your discussion to him and make it look like you are a rebel.

Instead, whenever a new member of staff comes to you for a discussion and is asking a confidential question, quickly define it that you aren’t in the best position to give an answer to that. Remember; It’s better to be safe than sorry!

6. Seems like you are hiding something from him/her.

Bosses are generally curious; they want to be carried along with every “dig and pit.” They want to know everything that happens within their reach.

Always open up to your boss and be his number one trustee. Don’t make him feel you are plotting a coup. Your boss is the toll gate of your progress in the company; everything about your work begins and ends with him so you’ve got to hold a smooth relationship with him.

7. You become protective when given productive feedback.


Naturally, the first reaction to any form of criticism is justification; you’ll try to justify every of your actions. But this must not be the case when you are in need of a promotion.

Instead, whenever you get criticized; even though you feel you are right, take criticism with gratitude, and present yourself as a curious and ready to learn worker. You may be required to prove yourself right after you have gotten the promotion anyway {if necessary}.

8. Making yourself irreplaceable.

These may sound amusing but the truth is that even if you are due to be promoted, your boss may not promote you because he is scared that there may not be anyone to replace you in that present position. Have it in mind that the promotion isn’t just about you, the boss would have to consider so many factors; how you would function in your new role, how it would affect him and the department, and how it will affect the clients as well.

This happens especially if you are to be promoted to a different department; your boss might be so used to you that he sees you as the best match to achieve his great will in that department so he would rather cancel your promotion.

Instead, carry a junior staff along with your activities in your present position. By doing that you are making your boss realize that you care so much for the company that you don’t want to leave any gap uncovered, also you are in a way helping the junior staff cook-up his own promotion as well.

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Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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