See How Easily You Can Persuade People. 10 Basic Principles+ Few Instaces.

See How Easily You Can Persuade People. 10 Basic Principles+ Few Instaces.

Have you ever being in a situation you don’t like and you wished to change it but you don’t possess the power? You are not alone. I have being in such a situation quite a number of times.

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Wanting to convince people is one of the most difficult things in life; why? Because we all have different personalities. But it becomes easy when we realize that we all are living in the same world together.

You don’t need to tell a bundle of lies before you can be able to persuade people. All you just need to do is to master some basic principles I wrote down in this article.

Below are 10 principles to how you can persuade people plus necessary instances.

1. There Is Time for Everything

There’s truly a time for everything. Trying to persuade someone in the wrong time will never get you any positive result.

Like I said earlier, we all hold different personalities; some people are most persuaded in the evening while some in the morning, some people are most persuaded when they are in a relaxed state while some tends to go angry if their relaxation moment is interrupted.

It’s just about taking a quick study about the person/group of people you want to persuade and so as to achieve a better outcome.

One of the best time to persuade a fellow is when s/he is in the mood of gratitude; maybe you just did you just did pleasant surprise for them and they  are expressing the gratitude, then you are in your best to persuade them to your perspective.

2. Make Your Words Possess Power.

If you want to persuade someone to your side, then your words should just be ordinary words; it must possess power.

  • For instance you are trying to persuade someone to purchase a body spray, instead of just saying words like “buy body spray, smell nice” why not say stuffs like – “You can lose your multi million contract if you attend that interview with a body odor or an awkward deodorant. Get this bouquet and get loved”
  • An auto-mechanic who wants to persuade people to his service instead of saying “a lot of accidents occur daily due to mismanagement of the car” should rather say – “ so many deaths occur daily due to mismanagement or improper care for the car”
  • And lots more.

3. Make Reference To A Higher Authority

This is a very important practice you need to take note of when you want to persuade someone.

What I mean by “a higher authority” is a body that supersedes or speaks above your own level. Just like what the legislative arms of a government does during persuasive moments, they make reference to a higher authority; they make reference to the constitution.

N.B. It must be an authority that the people you want to persuade beliefs in. For example

4. Dress Well

Your mode of dressing has a huge impact on how people view you and how they view you determines whether or not you can persuade them. The only reason why you would successfully persuade a fellow is if you are living the life s/he wish s/he was living. If you truly need to persuade people there is no second way about it you need look presentable.

5. Don’t Be Too Available

There is this common saying that people tend to get tired of what they see available so frequently.

You need to make yourself scare

Especially when you are offering to sell a product, make it clear that this stock would soon be packed up. This will make your customers move to get it so quickly. Also if you are a public speaker/the mouth piece of a society or group, you don’t need to be available to address every talks going on town, if you do they would take you to be a “talkative”  and won’t be convinced when you speak. Instead you should come out to address only issues that requires your attention. By so doing the people would respect and be ready to put into practice whatever you recommend.

This tip has worked for me and if you put it in practice it will as well work for you.

6. Act on Your Words

This tip also points to a political leader, a marketer, a boss/supervisor as well as your personal self.

  • You are selling a product, and you had made it known to consumers that this offer will last until next week and for one reason or the other you had to extend it. The next time you come out with another product people will not be persuaded to buy it quickly; all their thoughts would be that the offer will still be extended.
  • A boss/supervisor would find it difficult to persuade his/her workers to carry out a specific task s/he has sometimes failed to established his/her word
  • And lots more.

So you need to act according to your works. If truly you want people to be persuaded, then do what you are capable of doing and do what you are capable of saying. It makes them respect you and whatever you are ready to offer they will be ready to obtain.

7. Get Rid Of Verbal Fillers

Whenever you are speaking and you make use of unnecessary verbal fillers like; “um” “mmmmm” “uh” it makes the hearer feel you aren’t confident enough to speak.

Make sure you have practiced what you are going to say very well before you set out in that way your speech will flow and be full giving the hearer the direct impression that you are confident to tell him/her that which is right.

8. Hear From Them

Just the mere fact that s/he is willing to hear from you doesn’t mean the fellow cannot stand on their own decision; so don’t make them look foolish.

First give kudos to their decision; make them understand that their decision looks like a nice perspective but the best perspective lies in what you want to say. Then proceed to do #9.

9.  Don’t Be Anxious; Relax and Smile Before You Speak

Whenever you are anxious, you don’t want the other person to waste your time all you just want to do is to speak to him/her and make them convinced. Then the fellow realizes that you aren’t ready to hear from them and you get “kicked off”.

You start your speech in a relaxed state, don’t look overwhelming. Smile and be flexible. When you do this, you present yourself as being friendly (remember no one is ready to take the perspective of an enemy).

After you have heard from them, wait for few seconds (during which you observe their emotions) then speak and be sure to do #10.

10. Make Sure Your Proof Is Unquestionable.

At the beginning of the discussion you tend to get various kinds of objections, welcome those objections because they will provide you with the right inspiration to tackle it.

Now when you are getting to the peak of the discussion, you need to provide them with unquestionable proofs (well defined and really practical tips); this could either be verbal or physical. For example you are a marketer; you sell detergents and you need to persuade a real number of traders and mothers to buy, a physical proof would fit it.

  • You can just pick 4 different people from the audience, two should wash two pieces of cloth with your detergent while the other two should wash another two pieces with their most common detergent.

N.B that you could had chosen to pick just 2 people but the result might be questionable on their washing skills. But when you choose four people and the result turns positive it makes it a standard unquestionable proof. With this their belief will be made strong in whatever you have to offer.

N.B-; this article isn’t directed to just one field; I gave the above example just for better understanding and you are expected to relate the example to your field (as a business man, an economist, a politician, an innovator etc.) and let it work out for you.


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Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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