Stay Motivated: 7 Sharp Steps To Totally Eradicate The Action Of Motivational Killers In Your Hope.

Stay Motivated: 7 Sharp Steps To Totally Eradicate The Action Of Motivational Killers In Your Hope.

Do you know that there is this Spirit man working in you? Both your self-man and the spirit man work together on the same pitch. The spirit man only works when it’s motivated while the self-man works whenever the spirit man is ready. Once the spirit man is down, then the self-man would automatically be unable to work out goals.

Recently, we talked about areas where we give chance to motivational killers to ruin our hope. This time around, you are on the pace to eradicate them totally and stay 100 percent motivated to achieve greater success.

Here are seven steps to eradicate the actions of motivational killers:

1. Make Your Goals Clear

This is the number one step that will quickly cut short the action of motivational killers. In taking this step you have a lot of choices you need to make to get to where you really want to be. You can’t have it all just at once; to live an accomplished and settled life you have to make the right choices.

Without a clear goal, you are going to struggle all along working and making, only to return to the same spot.

Don’t try to match your goals to look like that of someone else, remember someone’s head is another person’s tail. Sometimes, we just have to step back and look deeply at what we want for our life, and the more specific you make your goals to be, the more motivated you become. And the more motivated you are, the better your chances of achieving success.

2. Identify And Believe In Your Self Ability

Everyone has a limit to self, and we were not created the same way. What could have taken someone else 3 months to accomplish, you could successfully accomplish within 3 days knowing your ability. It’s not all luck, but our abilities vary.  You just need to first identify your self-ability, then create a strong belief in it.

Winston Churchill once said “You will never get to your destination, without a strong believe in yourself.”

Believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities, because without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own power, you cannot actively eradicate the activities of these motivational killers. The highest gratitude you could give to yourself to motivate you to move ahead is to believe in yourself.

3. Change Your Location And Create A New Ambition

Changing your location requires you to get out of your comfort zone and stand firm to face the real challenges. “We shall have no better conditions in the future, if we are satisfied with all those which we have at our present location” -Thomas Edison.

Don’t just lay depressed at your present location and continue allowing the activities of these killers; change that location and create a new ambition. “Ambition,” according to Jerry Clower “is knowing what you want to happen, and taking steps to achieving them.” You really need to get off that present location you kicked those killers to before they sooner or later, find their way back into your vision. It is then you can create a new ambition and be motivated to ride on

4. Visualize Your Future

Hmmm, this seems to be something really technical right? No, it’s not. It only requires some tactics. It is your future, so don’t be scared to look into it.

Do you even realize what damage you give to motivational killers when you look into your future?

Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the general overseer of R.C.C.G once defined vision as begining with the end in mind. Placing a reminder of the end in mind is one the surest motivations. It helps you put away distractions and discouragement, and it keeps you on the track of achieving those set goals.

5. Compare Yourself With “Yourself” And Not With Others

After taking a view into your future, the next step is to periodically compare yourself with what you saw in your future and aim towards getting there.

Comparing yourself with another person can be really dangerous to you, and it will be of more support to the killers because when you do such, you begin to get distracted with what you saw in another man’s mission.

Russell Conwell told of his personal experience; he said he was sad and depressed. When he walked to his church, to write his sermon for the coming Sunday, he noticed that the grasses around the church premises was brown and regged. He called to the man who was hired to take care of the grasses and asked “why don’t these grasses look any better? Why do they not look as good as the grasses across the road?”

The man who cared for the grasses looked at him and replied; I guess it doesn’t look so good to you because you are comparing it to the grass across the street, but your visitors just admired it a while ago! He immediately thought for a while and said “If we keep on looking at how good someone else’s grass looks, and wished it were ours rather than caring for ours, we end up killing our grasses with our own hands.”

Only compare yourself with yourself. When you are comparing, remember to take note of where you got it right, where you had gone wrong and what steps to take to complete the mission and make it the same as the vision. It’s also very important, for motivation, to praise yourself when you review and see something similar with what you are doing in your vision. “Don’t bother to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors, try to be better than yourself” – Williams Faulkner.

6. Do It Now And Do It Fast

The next step now is action. Action means “Do It Now and Be Fast about It”. Suppose you see a man who wants to drive a car, he bought it and made the car ready. Then he asked how do I drive? You tell him just start the engine, don’t think about it “just start”. That is the simple context of “Do It Now”.

Remember, action comes before result. The more action you put, the better your result. Nowadays whatever is worth doing is not only worth doing well again, But; whatever is worth doing is worth well and is worth doing fast. That is, once you confirm that a particular work or task needs to be done, so far it’s the right thing to be done at the moment, why not take off and get it accomplished.

I get to notice that, even though “slow and steady” wins the race, “fast and furious” wins the race better. So why choose to win the race in a “slow and steady” manner when you could win the race better if you were; fast and furious.

Check out a formula of mine;

           Challenge(C) + Action (A) = Result

           Challenge(C) + Fast Action (FA) = Better Result.

7. Don’t Stay Far From Real Motivational Blogs That Could Help You Stay Motivated.

This is the final step. This step is as easy as losing it and it is the most important of all the seven steps listed in this article.

Staying far from highly motivational blogs is just like seeing a pot that feeds you with highly nutritious meal till you are satisfied and is always ready to feed you, but you willingly throw the pot away.

Keep records of blogs like this, don’t stay away or miss an update from it, and don’t be left out. Try as much as you can to contribute to discussions, share personal or related experience, as well as ask important questions. By so doing, you have totally eliminated the activities of the motivational killers from your hope and you are already steps higher.

In Conclusion

I advise that you read through the Key points again for better understanding, and make them your daily ritual. With this you have become unshakable to those motivational killers. CONGRATS!!

Best Regards


Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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  1. Nice tips here Mr Dan. I must say you speak just the way you write. I was actually one of your audience last sunday. I learnt a lot from you

  2. We all are guilty of #5
    We prickle and compare ourselves with others forgetting that we all have different lives to live.
    Thank Dan for this as well as your fast and furious formulae—-

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