Technews: 5 Top Wearable Gadgets and Gizmos

Technews: 5 Top Wearable Gadgets and Gizmos

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Through wearable technology, discovering more about something is not only a state-of-the-art experience but is now a real-time thing too. From apps and devices that help track your food consumption and heart rate details to gears that monitor your current mood and even air surrounding you, making the quantified self is a core for the everyday life of a person.

You can retrieve data about your health with self-tracking devices and go further by using the gadgets to measure the progress of self-improvement efforts.

Here, you can get the freshest news about wearable technology and see the modifications that are pushing wearable devices not just into health care, but also in education and our overall lives.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music:

The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music labels the largest criticism with the past  Garmin Vivoactive 3 which is lacking music storage. This year’s Garmin 645 Music features 3.5 GB of storage, which accommodates about 500 music, in most cases, a bit better than its competitor, Fitbit Ionic.

Moreover, Forerunner 645 supports music downloading through Windows Media Player or iTunes on your Apple devices, and also it supports downloading the playlist of iHeartradio. But, LTE support is not available so you can’t stream on the go.

The bPay Wristband:

Payment in contactless option is not anymore new in the high-tech world. The bPay wristband is another wearable gadget that has an NFC chip inside that plays like the tap of your credit card. The key feature of this device is the convenience.

Further, this technology is expandable to combine logins, area access, and even health measurements. The bPay is covering the way for the technologies of NFC. For sure, more companies will pop up with similar device soon.

The Matrix PowerWatch X:

Matrix watch is a gadget that charges from you. It utilizes a proprietary thermometric energy converter to transform your body heat into battery power.

Though this is not the first watch to use this technology, it’s the first time to be implemented in a smartwatch device. And, it might be one of the most exciting gadgets in the market of wearables this year.

Matrix features the silicone rubber band on the watch which is “nearly indestructible,” also there is a strengthened bezel. Further, Matrix can read notifications from your smartphone which enables you to know when you are getting a call and highlights a 200-meter water resistance feature.

Coros Omni Smart Helmet:

Some cyclists already use different methods to stay safe while on the road, but the Coros desires to simplify those works and efforts with this one solution; the Omni bike helmet.

The Coros’ biggest marketing point is its wide bone-induction audio that allows you to listen to music or make calls while still able to hear anything that is around you such as cars and other cyclists.

This smart helmet also highlights a crash sensor, which informs an emergency contact on your phone along with the map of your location if you get a force of impact of 1G or higher. The Omni helmet even features light bands on the rear side to make you more noticeable even when it’s dark.

The Willow:

Willow is a wire-free chest pump that allows moms to pump milk for their infants privately. The Willow doesn’t need to be into the wall. New moms can always move around and tap into leak-proof, self-contained milk bags that can hold four ounces per piece.

Using these two pumps, moms can draw eight ounces of milk at the same time. Further, the Willow app traces how much amount of milk a mom can give in real-time, so she will know how much she will give for her baby at any given period.


Wearable devices are certainly growing more advanced than the conventional fitness trackers that ramped in the last few years. The sensors are growing more capable every year, and now some gadgets are wearable for medical uses.

From fitness to safety feature, these devices are continually improving. To see more of these gadgets, you can browse online sites like Deal Wiki and other tech sites to gather some information.

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