5 Factors Influencing the Cost of Mobile App Development

5 Factors Influencing the Cost of Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development
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As per the ‘iResearch Stats (2019)’, the mobile application has helped startups to enhance their revenue incredibly. Smartphone users are multiplying every day with the increasing popularity of the internet and mobile phones. The internet users are growing at a rate of 1 million new users per day as per online statistics. In this scenario, investing in mobile application development is the best business move.

Developing a mobile application for startup/business

Mobile app development is one of the essential requirements for any business in 2020. The current era highlights the importance of going digital. With the help of a top mobile application development agency in the UK or India, you can easily create a mobile app for your upcoming business or startup.

Now, your next question will be the cost of developing a mobile application! Let me help you go through the same with our current post.

What are the factors influencing the cost of developing a mobile app?

Various factors influence the cost of developing a mobile or smartphone app. We will help you understand the top 5 factors that directly impact the investment criteria for developing a smartphone app.

●      Mobile Application Platform

Choosing the application platform is always a difficult decision. If we consider from a user point of view, startups must not miss creating an android platform application because the majority of the smartphone users are acquiring Android smartphones. Again, building an app for iOS is also crucial because your prospective customers might be using an iPhone mobile. 

It is apt to go for cross-platform mobile app development because it covers all the types of application platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. Also, building a cross-platform app is quite cost-friendly than making an application individually for different mobile app platforms like iOS and Android.

●      Features

The next thing that influences the cost of mobile app development is its features or functions. The features of your upcoming mobile application decide the investment. Applications that are made for in-house information or personal use doesn’t require many advanced features. But, mobile apps that are built for eCommerce, banking, blockchain, finance or other essential businesses require exclusive features for the fully-functioning of the operations/business.

●      Company/Freelancer

Next is who develops your mobile application. Hiring a top mobile application development agency in the UK is quite costly than hiring a freelancer. But at the same time, a mobile app development agency delivers an excellent app than a freelancer because an IT agency holds its expertise on infrastructure, tools, technology, employee’s experience, and much more.

Hiring a mobile app freelancer will not give you expert results than hiring a mobile app agency. The agency helps with the support and maintenance of the application, whereas the freelancer is always interested in a one-time job. So, think well- before taking your decision of choosing between a development agency or a freelancer.

●      API Integration

API integration is essential for mobile apps like eCommerce, banking, finance, blockchain, logistics, on-demand delivery, etc. By successfully integrating payment, shipping, and authentication API services- you help your mobile app to be 100% secure for customers. In fact, phone verification API is one of the important API services to integrate for business, social, or eCommerce mobile apps.

Integrating API services enhances the cost of your mobile application development. But it is quite important to have API integration services embedded in the app.

●      Hosting & Maintenance

The other cost influencing factor is the hosting and maintenance of your website. It depends on the cost or rent of your mobile application hosting provider. Few mobile app development agencies in the UK charge high for maintenance and hosting. Whereas few mobile app development agencies in India charge relatively less.


The above-mentioned factors are the top five cost influencers for mobile application development. Well, you can always negotiate with the development agency, but it is always better to sign an app agency rather than developing a mobile application via a freelance developer.

Tip: When developing a mobile application, it is important to check on the features, API integration, and functionality rather than negotiating the cost of the development. A great mobile app can help your business with ample benefits.

Author: Siddharth Patel

Siddharth Patel is a Writer and Guest Contributor to Perfect Motivations, Inc.
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