The Silver Surfer’s Guide To Cryptocurrency

The Silver Surfer’s Guide To Cryptocurrency


Why is it that youngsters of today consider we older folk are incapable of understanding modern technology and the internet is something that was introduced just for them? The worst possible feeling is when you are patronized and talked to as if you could never understand the intricacies of being online, how to blog or vlog or use the ever-increasing social media outlets available!

It is true we may be a little like the tortoise and the hare but what we lack in the knowledge we make up for in persistence. In the modern world you have to adapt to strategic changes and that is exactly what I did.

I am approaching my 70th birthday and have had a computer for a number of years but until retirement never really used it as I was too busy running my own bakery business and feeding my two children who are now 40 and thankfully have turned out well. I used to supply restaurants and Hotels with pastries, cakes and did the odd out catering wedding. I could often work a 14 hour day and being self-employed holidays and time off were normally out of the question. Anyone who has been in the catering industry will know just how hard it is. In the past, I have been a chef, had my own restaurant and run a catering franchise.

The reason I tell you all this is to show how hard I have worked to make a modest income.

My son is what is known as a digital nomad and travels to different parts of the world with his computer doing various digital jobs for clients and earning money through affiliates a posh term for a form of advertising. His website, Bitcoin Casino, provides gamblers with free bitcoin promotions that can be redeemed at the best BTC Casinos. Just over a year ago he rang me and told me to buy some Bitcoin as he said this is the future. I had no idea what Bitcoin was but said I would just to pacify him so I looked online and started reading all the information available which was so varied.

One article said it was the future and would be huge, another said it was a bubble about to burst and the more I read the more confused I became. However, I splashed out and bought 3 Bitcoin from a firm I found online who provided me with a wallet to put them in, electronically speaking, it was quite simple and I thought my son would be pleased as I trusted in his judgment. I paid just short of £1,000 though never told my wife as she is even more conservative than me.

Roll forward to today and that 3 Bitcoin is worth more than £7,000 each meaning I have made over £18,000 by doing nothing. How I wish I had the courage to buy 10 instead of 3. However, must not be greedy but it makes you think. I just looked now and today the Bitcoin has increased by £128.73 which means today I have made a profit of £385 by doing nothing. The hours and effort I would have had to put in when working to earn that sort of money is unthinkable. The best part is that I am convinced the trend will continue over the long-term.

This year the price of Bitcoin along with other crypto currencies has been in steep decline but I am not worried. The technology has already proven that it can take everything thrown at it including the kitchen sink. The price will continue to be erratic until the regulation is in place and once that is done we should see the price stabilize along with growing once again.

I do like to do my research and of course, now retired I have time on my hands to do as I want. So I have looked at why digital currency was invented and the story behind it which is quite fascinating I looked at the pitfalls and huge fluctuations as it grows, the adverse publicity, the Dark Web and Silk Road the countries trying to stop it by putting in rules and restrictions and the inevitable worldwide acceptance which has to come. It makes a fascinating story and if I could recommend one thing in my life it would be to invest a little in Bitcoin in order to gain a lot.


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Author: Daniel Kay

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