“Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You must fight for it, and insist upon it” ~ Rev Run.

Are you unhappy because you don’t see yourself working out goals?  Are you unhappy because others doesn’t see you working out goals? Are you unhappy because you don’t even see any reason to be happy?

Hey; it is time to cheer because I’ve brought good tips for you.

Promotion, sound health, peace, good relationship, abundance, and the likes, are some of the benefits of nature and the only way to fully enjoy this benefits is to be happy. Study proves that those who stay happy do no only live long, but they tend to earn the right perspective to make all things right in its season.

  • The Why of Happiness.

I will give you only one significant reason why you must be happy; this reason explains it all.

You Need To Be Happy To Live

Countless of people have committed suicide all because they aren’t happy with their state of living, so many people have conscious and unconsciously encountered death because they aren’t happy.

  • To Face difficult challenges and come out of it, you need to have a happy lifestyle
  • To enter into the world of entrepreneurs and begin to explore facing diverse risks you need to have a happy lifestyle
  • To become a religious/political leader and be able to persuade and accept people you need to have a happy lifestyle.
  • Happiness is everything

“If you need to live then you need to be happy.”

  • The How of Happiness.

We live in a world of hilarity and there are so many things that could make you feel happy. All you just need to do is to use the following steps to stay connected then you’ll realize that everything is right.

Below are 7 steps you need to follow if you want true happiness.

1. Stay healthy

“Follow your dreams, work hard, practice and persevere. But it is also important to eat variety of foods, get plenty of exercises and maintain a healthy lifestyle.” ~ Sasha Cohen.

Emphasis are always made of living a healthy life style. An unhealthy person is an unhappy person. I have never seen a man who is unhealthy and is happy and I am sure you haven’t seen any as well. The only thing unhealthy people try to have that looks like happiness is “hope”

If you want to become happy, then you pay close attention to your health. Eat healthy/balanced meals, drink a lot of water, take appropriate rests at appropriate times and engage your body in practical/helpful exercises as well as other healthy practices. Because true happiness only comes when you are hale and healthy.

1. Discover Your Passion and Work It Out

Passion – “An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.” ~ Oxford Dictionaries.
Study proves that people get happier when they think and realize that they are doing things to honor their own decision and personality other than doing things to respect other people’s personality.

“Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice and above all don’t let anyone limit your dreams.” ~ Donovan Balley.

What is that one thing that you have always dreamt about, that special self you have always longed to become one day, try to realize it and begin to work it out. Then you begin to develop a certain level of satisfaction and profound happiness.

If you are facing difficulties in discovering what exactly your passion is, then I will be glad to help you find it with my “5 simple steps to discover what your passion is.”

3. Simplify Your Big goals and achieve them ASAP

Many people are not happy because they see themselves not achieving their set goals. Though there are different factors responsible for people not achieve being able to achieve their set goals. But instead of staying unhappy because you cannot achieve a huge goal why not simplify it into smaller actionable goals. With that you tend to achieve those smaller goals faster, you become happy and get motivated to achieve the bigger ones.

4. Gratitude

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life, it transform common moments into happy times and makes you feel uplifted.

“Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, worn or consumed. True happiness is the experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.” ~ Dennis Waitley.

Just try to remember the last time you did something pleasant, remember how you achieved your last set goal and praise yourself for this achievement. You tend to feel happy and encouraged to do better works.


 5. Get Things off Your Mind; Change Your Thoughts

“We are our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thoughts.” ~

Sometimes we find it difficult to get out of a depressed state when something still nags at our attention. So you need to begin to learn how to get irrelevances off you mind; zero your worries about the past and focus on the present to earn a brighter future.

6. Be Optimistic

Personally this has worked for me and will still keep on working for me because I wouldn’t stop doing it.

An optimist is someone who sees the brighter side out of every situation.

Being an optimist in life is of a great gain and adds to us a higher level of self-love and happiness. Whenever you are facing a difficult challenge that drains you of your emotions, just try to shift your focus to the bright side of the situation.

Think of how great your testimony would be if you endure till the end. Just like a soldier under military training, think about the greater ranks you would earn if you withhold yourself and don’t compromise your stand. It’s really going to give you an edge over that scary situation and helps you to achieve a certain level of happiness.

Read my article on “11 steps to build your sense of optimism

7. Put it into practice; In Fact Fake It Till You Get It.

Happiness is an act and it must be put into practice. Practice happiness in your everyday living, practice happiness in your dealings with friends and family, practice happiness in your dealings with your workers. Just practice happiness in all aspects till it becomes your trait.

Even if you are facing a tough challenge and you have tried all you can to make yourself happy but all proves abortive, then I recommend you try what I always do back then; “you fake it till it comes to place”. Perhaps you have undergoing a difficult situation that offers you the black side, you just pretend to be happy and you find out that sooner or later your happiness becomes a reality.

Best Regards



Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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