This Is The One Effective Marketing Strategy Most Brand Owners Lack

This Is The One Effective Marketing Strategy Most Brand Owners Lack



Do you know that when you cheer your customers up they are more likely to draw their friends in?

Do you also know that happy customers serve you double income? As a matter of fact, study shows that on the average, one happy customer equals 9 referrals.

Presently, the market has taken another form. Various marketers are going extra mile sourcing for specific strategies which would enable them win the whole market space to their side. This makes it grueling for brands with “no” or an “ineffective” marketing strategy to make profit.

When it comes to business, the only way to grow is by making sales. And when it comes to sales, the only way to maximize profit is by having an “effective marketing strategy.”

Apparently, if you think you’ve tried all trade tactics you know and they aren’t working or conversion seems low, then I hereby invite you to the “Humor Marketing Strategy!”

Do you posses the ability to crack people off with your words? Can you manoeuvre an enraged fellow and make him smile just with your actions? Then it’s time to double your income!


Sense of humor happens to be one of the most influential qualities anyone; especially entrepreneurs can have. It would help you first-hand people’s view about your brand as well as fathom your relation with customers thereby encouraging customers to open their wallet to you.

There are lots of value attached to having an interesting campaign but just to mention a few I listed four below:

1. Funny Commercials attracts more views

Customers loves to be entertained, so it’s only natural that customers would get attracted to your market when the commercial is interesting. In most cases, people approach pleasure and do away with things of low spirit.

So getting into the heart of your customer through pleasure is as effective as using a baited hook to attract fishes 🙂

2. Funny commercials are more memorable

The case might be that those you are advertising to aren’t in need of your product at the moment. But what happens when the need arises? Do they still beckon on you or they go for anything around?

The fact remains that customers remember interesting commercials the most. They tend to recall the message of the campaign and try to relate it with their present need. Thereby giving them the hope of finding a solution with your brand.

3. Humor serves as supplementary passion for marketers

Suppose you’ve being in the market all day reaching out to customers in the usual way and the fatigue begins to appear, a great taste of humor could serve as supplementary energy to work on.

The saying that “Laugh and people would be attracted to you” is more than true. Little wonder why brave marketers uses humor to fuel their passion when the task is becoming too demanding.

4. Humor is an effective solution to disagreements/dispute

Disagreements aren’t an exception in marketing. Your discussion with a customer might result in an argument. Who knows? The customer might even mouth-sabotage your brand which would definitely displease you. So what happens next? As a marketer, your ability to calm the customer down and make him happy would not only earn you the customer’s loyalty, it would as well attract the wandering patrons around.


However; there are quite a number of humorous campaign/advertisement out there in the market today but the question is are they really doing it right? As effective as the humor strategy may be, it has drained and would continue to drain a lot of brands as the inappropriate use of it tends to frustrate customers!

Whence;  there are two factors you must consider before using the “humor marketing strategy.”

Factor 1: Personal differences

This is the number one factor you must look into before attempting the “humor marketing strategy.” Because of our personal differences, different things seem to be funny to different people. What one customer would find really rib cracking and attract him to purchase your product would seem like hell to another customer.

So be sure to look into individual differences before deciding on the kind of funny commercial to employ.

Factor 2: The commercial environment

The use of various funny commercials depends on the kind of environment you are to operate in. You cannot imagine using the same funny commercial campaign you used in a clubhouse to market the same products in a bank. I bet you would get kicked out 🙂

You must reflect on the market realm you want to pitch before deciding on how to use the humor marketing strategy.


Best Regards

M.O. Daniel

Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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