Turning Your Passion into Creative Works.

Turning Your Passion into Creative Works.

“Creativity is the process of bringing something new into existence. Creativity requires passion and commitment, it brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to a new life.” ~ Rollo May.

Passion is the fuel that ignites success but creativity connects you to success.

Passion gears you up, it serves you with the rightful energy and motivation you need to achieve your goal. Everybody; I mean everybody can be creative. You just need to discover your passion then turn those passion into creative works. So before you read this article on creativity, I recommend you must have found out what your passion is. If you are having difficulties discovering what your passion is, then try this. If you have discovered what your passion is and you have understood what it really speaks, then it’s time to be creative. I welcome you into the world of creativity with the 9 steps below-:

1. Visualize

What exactly do you want? How do you want this your achievement to look like?

“You cannot feature into the future that you cannot picture.” 

Having a clear picture of what you want in mind is the first and most technical step to creativity. This time you need to go beyond physical; see yourself pulling great achievements and view what/how those achievements looks like. Try to visualize your worth, your happiness and things you will be able to do if you achieve those strong desires of yours.

Viewing the end from the beginning doesn’t only set you on the right track to achievements, it also serves you with the right motivation you need to pull those achievements.

2. Belief.

After you have taking a view into the future then it’s time to belief. Belief in your view, belief in yourself ability and belief that nothing good comes easy.

3. Map out Your Goals

Now it is time to map out your goals. How do you intend to work-out this great achievements? A vision without a plan is a null dream.

Set short term and long term goals; chase speedily the short term goals, they will keep you motivated to go after the long term goals.

4. Spend Time Working Out Your Goals.

Now that you have developed a very strong belief in yourself, you need to begin to spend time with your passion. If really want to be creative, then you must be prepared to spend quality time with your passion. Don’t for a moment get bored/ tired of working out goals; do it morning, afternoon, evening and midnight and make it your identity

5. Don’t Neglect Little Beginnings.

This is just about taking baby steps. Most people always want to wait for “already pounded” steps to come before they start. Though baby steps might look weird but don’t forget that the accumulation of those little steps leads to a greater yield. All those great revolutions that has happened in the world actually started in a day and by a small step.

Set simplified and fast achievable goals for yourself. It might look complicating to want to implement all those great desires of your all at once you know? So try to implement the simpler ones first. By so doing you tend to create an awareness into the world of innovators that a fresh innovator is coming soon. Then you implement the bigger ones

7. Be 100 Percent Committed to Your Works.

Dedicate your entire commitment to your work. Get use to your passion “in season” and “out of season”

8. Get People Who Will Give you Honest Feedbacks

When trying to implement a new passion, you should put a limit to what you hear from inner circles. Though your family are great, they are caring, they are loving but the truth is they wouldn’t help you in achieving your desires faster. Whatever you do they would always want to make you happy so they’ll filter the feedbacks; give you only the positive ones and put aside the negative ones not knowing that you need the negative feedback more; even more than the positive ones.

So get while implementing your new passion, you will be sure only to get honest feed backs only from outer circles; people who aren’t close to you at all. Then work on their feed backs; maintain the goodie and get better where you ought to.

9. Be Determined.

“Determination is the basis.” Without determination you can never achieve anything.

Passion without determinations is mere wishful thinking.

10. Don’t Stop When You Fall; Don’t Stop At All.

“You don’t fail when you fall; you become a failure when you fall and refuse to rise again.”

If truly you want to turn your passion into creative works, resigning isn’t an option for you. It is your passion; your own passion and no one else can implement it except you.

Sure everything isn’t going to be rosy, life has got ups and downs; you will face obstacles and discouragements. Yet don’t stop. Check out the greatest testimonies in the world today, they’ve got the greatest difficulties.

Also, you are to take mistakes/failures as a creative process. Don’t shy away from it rather embrace it. They provide you with profitable ideas, showing you areas whereby your passion cannot be implemented or will not be well implemented.

11. Stop Looking At Your Screen. Begin To Explore. START NOW.

Many people even after reading this would still keep on staring at their screen. Come on what else are you waiting for? Why not begin to put #1 – #9 into practice and use it to develop your mental and physical skills for creativity.

The time is right; it’s time to stop talking, it’s time to stop enquiring, it’s time to stop browsing. Start Now. Your passion remains as your passion and remember “passion often fades away when there is no action”. Instead, begin to take big and small steps out to convert those passion into creative work which would fetch you better resources.


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Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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