Want A Better You In 2018? Here Are 7 Things You Must Do Quickly!

Want A Better You In 2018? Here Are 7 Things You Must Do Quickly!

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow-man; true nobility is being superior to your former self” – Ernest Hemingway.

At last, 2018 is here! Prophecies are flying in the air……

Everyone thinks of changing the world, making the world a better place, and blah blah bah…… But the truth is that the change has to start from us!

“If I become a better self, you become a better you, they become a better them, then the world automatically become a better world.” – M.O. Daniel.

Below therefore are 7 quick things to do asap, if you want to get a better version of yourself in 2018.

  • First get healthy

The first and most important thing for anyone that wants to be successful is to maintain a good health; good health gives good sense and good sense give great achievements” – Dr. Joe.

  • Get rid of stagnating thoughts

Your mind is a ship: it can sail across the universe as long as you don’t allow negative and stagnant thoughts to sink it” – Matshona Dhliwayo.

  • Be open to change

Progress is impossible without change, and those that cannot change their mind, cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw.

  • Read, read and read again

The more you’ll read, the more things you’ll know; the more things you know, the more you learn, the greater your sense of achievement” – Dr. Seuss.

  • Revisit your purpose

Man is not born to solve the problems of the universe, but to find out what he has to do within the limits of his comprehension” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

  • Now double-check your goals

All who have achieved great things have had great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.”

  • Create a strike plan

Intentions without action is an insult to those who expect the best from you” – Andy Andrews.

Don’t wait; the time will never just be right” – Napoleon Hill.

  • Start grinding now – like, NOW! NOW!! NOW!!!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowline. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain.

Life is short, fragile and does not wait for anyone. There will never be a perfect time to pursue your dreams and goals than now!

By Line:

“You gatto get up and make that move, cause the world will never see you until you do.” No, nobody is interested in seeing someone who has got no value to offer. So, stop reading this right now, get your f**king ass up and start grinding. If there is anyone that must be successful in 2018, it’s you – yes, YOU!

Therefore, do something today that your future self will thank you for later.

Best wishes,

M.O. Daniel.

Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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