“Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievement” ~ Jim Rohn.

One of the greatest problem that hinders people from achieving success is “Lack of discipline”. We need it in our relationship with others, we need it to help boost our confidence, we need it to act against procrastination, we need it in our career as a matter of fact we need it in all aspect of our life.

self discipline

Self-discipline is a unique character that everyone who wants to be successful must develop. It is so unique that without it you are liable to lose everything you have acquired.

An entrepreneur who lacks discipline would not be able to take the rightful decision and would wreck soon, a politician without discipline will definitely lose his prestige, a student without discipline will surely find it difficult to read and will fail, A fat lady who wants to reduce her weight but lacks discipline will surely find it difficult to follow the instructor’s advice and will surely get obese soonest.

Self-discipline is not a kind of restrictive mode of living instead it is a strong build of inner strength/power which allows you to do things which are right and gives you inner peace. For example;

  • Despite the strong desire you have towards smoking, using self-discipline to stop it.
  • You have an important task to accomplish right then your friends plugged in your favorite movie. It takes discipline to face the task and accomplish it; knowing fully well that you could go back to the movie and be glad to watch it better when you have succeeded in that task
  • You need to be disciplined to get over anger even when your workers are pissing you off.
  • You need self-discipline to get to your control bounds in that relationship
  • And lots more.

How can you become disciplined? That’s what this article is all about.

Below are 8 steps to get disciplined and stay protected.

1. Don’t Just Wait till You Feel Like

This is common, we all do this and that’s what makes us undisciplined. We feel we are unmotivated and we don’t just feel like doing that task so we procrastinate till we are ready to do it.

If truly you want to be disciplined, you need to get off your convenience and begin to force yourself to do the right task even against your will. Then you get to realize that you are falling in love with what you are doing and you begin to do it all the time.

2. Shift your focus to your motivation.

Sometimes, focusing on how to achieve that goal or how to change something you don’t, gets you stuck, you become confused and don’t just feel like moving on. That is exactly why you need to shift your focus to what motivates you.

Everyone gets motivated, we all get inspired by something. So when you feel tired or you can’t keep up in achieving your set goals, try focusing on that exact thing that motivates you. This will help keep you up, and help you to regain your balance which is very important then you begin to get used to it and get disciplined.

3. Forgive yourself

When you fail or do something against your will, you tend to get discouraged, you begin to feel guilty and you get angry. These attributes will not help your success instead you need to begin to admit nobody is perfect, forgive yourself and move on. Through this you are building a rigid confidence and self-discipline against fear of failure.

4. Simplify

Simplifying is all about removing and de-clustering things. Everything is not easy because it looks clustered and is not fun. Simplify and get excited about it then it becomes easier.

To get disciplined is hard; wanting to leave what your body sees as pleasure to what you really want. So don’t make it hard on yourself again. Start with simpler stuffs. For example you have a weight loss goal and you want to be disciplined, don’t start by stating for yourself 2 hours of intensive exercise; you will soon wear out I tell you. Instead simplify by breaking it down to 30 minutes of jogging when I wake up, 30 minutes of pull up in the pool, 45 minutes of walk in the evening, and lots more. Just simplify your tasks at the beginning so as to get disciplined then once you see that you have succeed  at that, then you increase the challenge.

5. Track Your Behavior.

Get track of what you do at all times. It is very important because if you don’t track it you won’t know how closer you are to achieving it.

When you track, you take records of what you start your day with, what you use to cap up your day, those positive behaviors which you need to maintain as well as the ones you need to put an end to.

6. Be Organized

Being organized at work doesn’t only makes you more productive, it also makes you more disciplined; it helps you maintain your set boundaries. Also it helps you figure your time, manage external distractions, curb internal interruptions and gives you a strong focus towards achievement of success.

You become more disciplined when you are organized. This involves putting things back to the place you got them from, do things as you have arranged it to be on your to do list and lots more.

7. Gratitude and Self Rewards.

Self-discipline can be difficult sometimes you know? But gratitude and self-rewards makes it seem easy. Go to the pool and swim, go to the cinemas, give yourself a day off work and lots more. Just be grateful to yourself, reward yourself accordingly and spent your reward’s time wisely.

Try as much as you can to reward yourself periodically if you faithfully went through those hard process; it gives you a strong self-confidence and desire to undergo more of those hard process and with time you become disciplined in the easiest way.

8. Do It Again And Again.

Do all these acts over and over again till “self-discipline becomes your discipline”

Self-discipline is a learned act, it requires repetition in your day to day activities and you get used to it. Just like training the body muscles, disciplined must be exercised; the more you exercise the stronger your discipline becomes.

I have read and asked readers and no one had ever being able to prove that “self-discipline is too much.” Instead thousands of people shared their testimonies on how self-disciplined had helped them earn a better lifestyle.

Be the next to share your testimony by practicing this steps, and feel free to share your views as well as personal/related comments.

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Author: Daniel Moayanda

Dan. is a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker. He provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation needed to explore. He also writes about finding a way out of everything in general!

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