Weight Loss Psychology: How to stay motivated and do what it takes to succeed

Weight Loss Psychology: How to stay motivated and do what it takes to succeed

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Everywhere we turn we see diet and exercise tips and products. And many of them work. Some people manage to reach their ideal weight, others lose motivation somewhere along the way. Also, many people assume that losing weight is the hardest part and they feel successful as soon as they see positive results.

However, keeping the weight off is the real challenge. Studies have shown that most people end up going back to their old, deeply ingrained habits and gaining back the lost weight within a few years. The reason is hugely psychological. There is a powerful psychological component to weight loss that prevents us from staying fit. Weight loss psychology suggests that the key to losing weight and keeping it off is making certain behavioral and lifestyle changes. 

Even if you’ve started a fitness journey and stopped countless times, you can still make it happen.   Developing the right skills and putting them to use can help you overcome all challenges and commit to goals that terrify you. Use these tips to stay motivated and do what it takes to succeed.

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Determine what motivates you

The psychology of weight loss may be complex but the road to success starts with a simple question – why you wish to lose weight? If your inspiration is your family, for example, focus on how a healthy lifestyle will set a good example for your kids and help you stay in their lives for years to come.

Establish realistic goals

A lot of people expect to lose more weight than they actually can. If you start small, you’ll have a better chance of maintaining your motivation. For example, try to reduce your daily fat intake to below 35%, cut out your late-night snack, start jogging or cycling, and challenge yourself to do it a little longer or faster each time. 

Do not weigh yourself too often

Do not focus too much on figures. Ideal weight recommendations are just recommendations. A number on the scale doesn’t show how you look or how you feel. Instead, focus on the unhealthy habits you want to change. Listen to what your body is telling you and you’ll know when you reach a healthy weight that is right for you,says Rose Miller from Dubaipt.com; an online platform for finding accredited personal trainers.

Design your own weight loss plan

Ask a professional to help you design a weight loss plan that suits your lifestyle instead of trying every diet or workout regime out there. Small changes to your current diet, like smaller portions or different preparation, can go a long way. Try to work your diet around the foods you love (and hate). Giving up your favorite foods can make you feel deprived, which will only make you crave more and quit more easily. 

Reward yourself 

One of the best ways to stay on the right track is rewarding yourself for your efforts. By rewarding yourself we don’t mean treating or comforting yourself with junk food. We strongly recommend non-food-related rewards, like buying a new pair of shoes or a new book. 

Visualize your excess weight

Find a physical object that represents the weight you want to lose and one that represents the weight you have already lost, such as a dumbbell or a medicine ball. Pick it up from time to time to feel this weight in your hands. This exercise should remind you of what your overweight body has to endure and how big of a burden has been lifted as the weight begins to disappear. 

Don’t toss your old clothes

Many people get rid of the clothes that no longer fit as soon as they lose a couple of pounds. However, keeping a few items around is a good idea. Not because the weight may return, but because putting a special piece of your wardrobe on display and trying it on periodically can help you realize how much thinner you are. You can also pick something from your skinnier days, something you look forward to wearing again, and hang it in a prominent place.

Keep a weight loss calendar 

Keep a calendar specifically for marking your achievements, no matter how big or small. Every success deserves to be there. Circle the date when you achieved something and write down what it was. For example: ’’Skipped dessert at the cafeteria’’ or ’’Walked home from work’’. Listing your achievements will remind you how much you have done so far and how strong your willpower can be.

Take photos 

Take photos of yourself regularly to keep track of your progress. You can make a scrapbook or post them on the fridge. Seeing what your progress looks like and how far you’ve come is a great way to keep your motivation levels high.

Keep a weight loss journal

Another way to track your progress is by keeping a personal journal. If you want to make a lasting impact on unwanted weight, you need to go deeper into the realm of weight loss psychology, and your journal can help you with that. Think of this journal as your confidant. Write down your thoughts, doubts, and fears. Think about what makes you happy and what makes you frustrated on your journey to success. Concentrate on how you feel after a healthy meal or a great workout. Remembering how good it feels should spike your motivation levels. 

Uncover psychological blocks to weight loss

Weight loss psychology is based on the opinion that there is more to losing weight than learning what to eat and how to exercise. Our physical, emotional, and mental health are closely connected. To permanently reduce weight in a healthy way, you need to uncover the core of the problem. Sadness and anger are two feelings that often hide behind overeating. If you want to change your current patterns of behavior, you first need to understand why they exist. Once you do that, your goal will automatically seem more achievable. Once you determine what’s causing your weight gain, you’ll be able to develop skills to deal with these emotional obstacles. 

Author: Rose Miller

Rose Miller is a freelance content writer and translator from New York City. She is currently a content contributor at dubaipt.com, an online platform for finding accredited personal trainers. In her free time, she loves to dance and work out, she also sings in a choir on weekends.
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